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Extinction of US Honeybee is real possibility

31% of US honeybee colonies reported died in 2012
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Loch Ness Case: Not Closed

Never has an unexplained phenomenon had such good will behind it as the Loch Ness Monster has. I doubt there is anybody who would not wish for it to exist. Far from being a `monster` it scares nobody.
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From 9-11 to the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Trilogy of Tyranny

The recent Boston Marathon bombing and the Waco Fertilizer Plant explosion are just the latest series of False Flag events that began with the first Gulf War in 1991 in which Saddam Hussein (a CIA pla
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Easter and Resurrection: Sorry folks but it’s all been done before!

So what of Easter, Good Friday etc and the real history behind the establishment of Easter as a principal festival within the Modern Christian Church?
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Strong Possibility L.L. Cool J May Be In On Murder Chris Dorner False Flag

It’s amazing how stupid the US government thinks the general population is when it comes to False Flag operations, and even more amazing is how no one ever questions the huge discrepancies that stare
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UFO UFOlogist rule in the Vatican during the Papal Conclave

Reinaldo Rios ISSUED public statements to several institutions that lle asked his opinion about a UFO that some media have reported as it was during the election of the new pope Francisco 1.
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My Take On A Few Conspiracy Theories

I like keeping track of the conspiracy theories making the rounds. Some are entertaining, others are work of a delusional mindset. I've found a few conspriacy theories stretch the imagination and trut
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If You Believe Aurora Massacre and Sandy Hook are Real, L.L. Cool J is X Cop Chris Dorner

I’ve been studying government conspiracies for decades and I have learned to put a main picture together of a certain scenario by collecting from many sources by using as many pieces of evidence as po
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Pope Francis I and the Third Prophecy of Fatima

A new Pope is elected on 03/13/13 and the number 13 holds special meaning to Our Lady of Fatima
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Earth under Threat from Cosmic Global Killer: Humanity is defenceless!

Whichever way we want to cut the mustard our planet is now clearly under attack and we are only getting incomplete warnings about incoming UFOs entering our air space from the authorities that we are
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The Global Computer Security Hoax

When partners of the United Nations and the U.S. Congress asked leading technology experts to estimate the standing of global computer security, the answer was unsatisfactory: There is none. No expert
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The Mania of Strange Sounds and Mysterious Booms

It would seem that the phenomena of strange sounds heard around the world continues. However, more recently during the last year the mysterious sounds are that of loud booms or explosions rather than
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The False Messiah: what you ‘need’ to know

Do you sincerely ‘Think for yourself’ or is your subconscious thought process the result of clever, socio-religious, indoctrination since birth?
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A Look At The Freemasons

There is no doubt that the Freemasons are a very secretive bunch. But are they controlling the world? If and when in trouble apparantly a freemason just has to show some ring and they get off the hook
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Latter Day Mass Hysteria

Being a history buff I've questioned how much of it is revisionist, urban legend combined with a tad bit of truth. Over the course of time, leaders have come up with some good and beneficial ideas whi