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The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, USA, has announced the discovery of the first new mammal species in the American continent for thirty-five years.
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Appalachia is a large area of the eastern United States centered around a Paleozoic formation of eroded sedimentary rock. It marks a region that extends from southern New York State down through Penns
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Yesterday afternoon (08/15/13) a strange "carcass" measuring four meters long washed up on the Luis Siret Beach in the community of Villaricos. It could be a large fish
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Keeping an eye on the paranormal has been a hobby of mine since I've been a youngster. With the recent flurry of paranormal shows hitting the small screen, it's given me the opportunity to see how...
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TV and the Paranormal

Like many of those interested in the paranormal I watch all the paranormal based TV shows that seem limitless. I do have a few that I find worth watching where well investigated ideas,
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Mysterious Orange Creature Spotted off Long Island

I found this email waiting for me today and thought it was worth asking if anyone else has seen or had an experience along the ocean coast like the one this couple had.
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Jose Escamilla's Rods vs Monster Quest

Exposing the injustice imposed on the RODS phenomena by Monsterquest and The History Channel.
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Vikings UFOs and Bigfoot Part V

Utiizing intelligence sources the Vikings set off to attack the Mist Monsters in their own sanctuary and kill their Witch Mother to end the feared night raids upon the Kingdom of Rothgar.
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Vikings UFOs and BigFoots Part IV

The Kingdom of Rothgar hangs in the balance as Buliwyf, Ibn Fadian, and his men prepare for a battle with the dreaded Wendol.
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UFOs Vikings and Bigfoots Part III

A compelling story from ancient history becomes evidence of Sasquatch in direct conflict with Vikings.
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Vikings UFOs and Bigfoots? Part II

An ancient manuscript surfaces detailing incredible insight about Viking life, superstition, and valor.
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Chupacabra Seen And Video Taped, San Antonio, Texas

What is believed to be a Chupacabra was sighted near the city limits on Bitters Rd. in San Antonio, Texas, 01/21.2013.
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The Ongoing Horror of the Half Cat Killings!

Sadly I must report that I continue to receive reports of half cat corpses being found all over the world. I have gotten emails from North America, Australia and Europe explaining how a half dead cat
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Tall Tales with Witches, Monkey Man, Etc.

NEW DELHI - Witches, monkey man, Ganesha drinking milk, the deadly munochwa — these are the stuff of urban legends. Legends which have terrorised the imagination of numerous Indians and held them in t
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Have you encountered a monster?

Are you someone willing to share the details of an out-in-out terrifying experience with a monster or mystery?