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Expert: Chemtrails are a global covert operation for mind control, detecting UFOs - Part 3

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Chemtrails are global covert operation for weather and tectonic warfare, detecting UFOs - Part 2

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Expert: Chemtrails are global covert operation for total control, detecting UFOs

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Sky People, Ancient Astronauts Global Brain Matrix - The Internet Exopolitics

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How Quickly We Forget - The UFO Crash South Haven Park New York 1992

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The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact

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The Paranormal - Our Biggest Failure

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260 U.S. ambassadors meeting related to UFOs and ET life?

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UFO Expert: Stanley Fulham UFO predictions fulfilled over NY, Moscow, and London

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Web Bot Predictions: Food hyperinflation, earth changes, chaos, govt. collapse in 2011-12?

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Identity in Exopolitical Mediation: Exopolitics Applied

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Mexican UFO expert: UFO increase over Mexico occurs day after Jerusalem UFO

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Messr. Philippe de La Messuziere validates the revelations of Dr Michael Wolf – ETs working in US Military bases – Video testimony!

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Excitement Running High as “Exopolitics” Group Claims Stunning UFO Proof

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A. D. (After Disclosure) - How The World Will Look After The Great Change