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"Jerusalem UFO orbs fulfill Stan Fulham’s ET council prediction", Israeli media

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The Continued Reports of Extremely Strange UFOs

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World Government: Good Or Bad Thing

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What does worthy look like in exopolitical mediation?

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Is UFO orb over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a context communication by ET?

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Reacting to Alien Signals From Space

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Announcing "This Is Disclosure" conference - Exopolitics Leeds 2011 in the UK

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Are Extraterrestrials Living in China and the U.S.?

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Extraterrestrials Education Being Reconstructed for the Future of Humankind - EBENS

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Paul Davies: Exopolitical Prescription – Part 2

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Dr. Paul Davies: Critique – Part 1

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Woman Abducted By Greys Has Son's Soul Merged With Unborn Child Onboard UFO

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Unity consciousness will collapse military-industrial-complex: Laura Eisenhower

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Moscow Jan. 2011 UFO wave is ongoing, putting Stanley A. Fulham prediction critics to shame

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What Is The Greater Threat: ET or NSA?