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Fairy Folk

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Saint George's Day: Slaying dragons or killing the truth?

Any truly unbiased analysis of historical fact indicates that Saint George's Day is nothing more than a bogus Christian celebration, based on much earlier indigenous Pagan tradition.
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The Wee Good Folk – what are they? - UPDATE

A remarkable amount of confusion surrounds the subject of fairies, so let’s take a closer look.
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UFO photographed Alaincourt in Haute-Saône in France September 27, 2012

Many thanks to Ms. Madalena (his name) who just email the original photo she has taken this strange "thing" to Alaincourt on 27 September 2012 to 23 H. .. Our Amie Madalena says
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August and the Spiritual Harvest

July has, in the UK at least, been a time of blustery weather and rain with little or no relief. What can we deduce though from the ancient and mysterious mythological background associated with Augus
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"PETER SWIFT AND THE SECRET OF GENOUNIA” by Pat Regan, weaves an exceptionally thrilling mystical tale, as Lancashire school boy, 11 year old Peter Swift, encounters a terrifying phantom on his grandf
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Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia

‘Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia’ is a mystifying English ghost story that just had to be told. It also carries several hidden messages that once learned will never be forgotten.
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Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion

We can all agree that UFOs and the aliens within, are not of one source. This is a multi-layered puzzle, and is in fact, many different phenomena. Do the various sources have any relationship to each
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Do We Participate in Manifesting Fairies and UFOs?

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Halloween Time and Chris Holly's Talk with a Pagan Witch

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Invisible Friends

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ACE Folklife Guide - ETYMOLOGY on ET, Fairies, Witches, Vampires...

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The Haunted Road

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An Enchanted Place

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When the Celebrity Psychic Turns Out to Be - SO MUCH MORE!

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Hex: The Bizarre And Alarming Genesis Of The Stone