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Ghost Stories Never Die

Nowadays it seems everyone has a ghost story to tell, share or explore. One in particular that is a good one was written by a native New Yorker.
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Eight Questions on Ghosts and UFOs: Is There a Link Between Them?

What is the connection, if any, between ghosts and UFOs? We, the human perceivers - we are the connection.
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1978 Is A Good Year For A UFO in Düsseldorf, Germany (VIDEO)

Spring of 1978, Mr. Akiba writes to Professor Dr. Hans Holzer of his unusual sighting experience. I was only seven years old. English was not a language Mr. Akiba...
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House Now Haunted Where Human Bones Discovered!

The last family to live in Priory Orchard, which stands on a site where skeletons were recently unearthed, claims the house is haunted. Chelsea Whiteman, 22, contacted the Surrey Advertiser after read
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Homes Fit For Phantoms

The hairs on the back of my drinking partner’s hands stood on end as he told the tale. He was a Canadian who had had a misspent youth. A friend and he were somewhere in the wilds of British Columbia
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Ghost or Angel on Mars!

Angel or ghost picture taken by Opportunity on Mars
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Most people think of ghosts and spirits as one and the same thing, but to those who study this subject more seriously, there is a difference. However,
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Is There a Place Called Other-Earth Composed of Dark Matter and Dark Plasma? (Part One)

We know there is bio-plasma but is there also dark bio-plasma? Are there dark matter life-forms? Are there dark matter bio-spheres parallel to ours?
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Are UFO Occupants Composed of Plasma, Their Life-Force Residing in Electric Energy?

After many years of being involved in UFOlogy, I have concluded that some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma.
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When Betty's Ghost Visits by Chris Holly

Story about what happens when you request the dead visit!
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A Tour of Haunted Structures Where Darkness Abides

Haunted houses run the gamut from Great Britain's Borley Rectory, studied in the early days of paranormal research by the legendary Harry Price
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Ghosts: When Their Mother's Spirit Spoke

A family tragedy is prevented by the appearance and words spoken by a families deceased mother
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Strange Stories of the Military

Comic book aficionados who grew up in the 1970s may remember – if only dimly – a particular comic book that stood out from the rest because of the nature of the stories it presented. Military adventur
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Film Review: Paranormal Activity 4

The Paranormal Activity franchise has been one of the single biggest movie success stories of the twenty-first century so far. The original movie was completed in 2007, but its creators had to wait un
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Queen Mary's Lady in White, Captured by Paranormal Investigator?

Ghost photographs elicit spine chills especially if you believe the circumstances surrounding how the image was taken. Paranormal Investigator and Sensitive Valentina Lomborg sent us a full body appar