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Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia

‘Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia’ is a mystifying English ghost story that just had to be told. It also carries several hidden messages that once learned will never be forgotten.
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Verifying "Ghost Photos": Andrews - Robbert

Now, maybe being able to somehow produce a photo of the deceased, may count as evidence of survival to Robbert and Nancy Talbott. But in truth it's simply a photo which, aside from using trickery, ma
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There has been an enormous leap in interest, in the minds of the American people, into the subject of the paranormal and ghosts in particular. Television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer,
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Strange Entity in Michoacán Mexico

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The Haunted Seas

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Review of 'Hide Me Among the Graves'

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The Stone Woman of Xunantunich

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Could EVP help us to hear the voices of Spirits or Aliens?

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Ghosts are Found Alive and Well, 2012 in St. Augustine, Florida

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Finally - A Must Have UFO Book

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The Ghost The Remodel and the Holidays

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Malcolm Robinson: UFOs, Paranormal and Ghosts

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Take a look as Doorways Investigations looks inside the historical Emmitt House in search of paranormal activity.
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Ed Fleming's 'Ghosts and Halloween'

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Nothing Can Harm You! Ghosts, Hauntings and the Eternal Spirit