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Human Consciousness

Diane Tessman's picture

The UFO/Alien High Wire Circus Act

I have always loved the Flying Wallendas! In my childhood, I treasured a biography about them entitled, yes, “The Flying Wallendas.” Did you know that they were literally on the high wire in Havana, w
Kevin Smith's picture

Patty Yu Wants You to Thrive

There is cosmic-level truth residing in almost everyone you meet. Virtually everyone you meet is truly and expert at something. 
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Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion

We can all agree that UFOs and the aliens within, are not of one source. This is a multi-layered puzzle, and is in fact, many different phenomena. Do the various sources have any relationship to each
Ron Murdock's picture

Randomness Isn't So Bad

While it is commendable to search for meaning in life, randomness is more pervalent and just may have more influence on our success or failure that what is realized.
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Law of Attraction, Vibrational Parameters, UFOs, Earth Portals, and Space-Time Anomalies

In our modern era we have yet to fully understand the relationship between time, space and gravity—much less with consciousness.
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Albion and Jesus

An enduring folklore of the south-west of Albion states that Joseph of Arimathea, the merchant uncle of Jesus came here. As archaeology has proven, two thousand years ago there was substantial trade w
Pat Regan's picture

Midsummer Solstice - the Sun's zenith

Of all archetypal symbols making a powerful impact on the human spirit, probably none remains more deeply ingrained in our subconscious realms than the circle or the wheel. The circle is an emblematic
Neil Gould's picture

Jim Sparks – Near Future Humans and Off World Humans

Jim Sparks allows the timely release of his filmed interview by Jake Gould and Neil Gould, Exopolitics Hong Kong, more than one year after it was filmed.
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There are two sides to the human drama when it comes to the life of Nikola Tesla.
Diane Tessman's picture

No Hellfire, No Brimstone, Only The Final Frontier

Yes, I know, NASA or its counterpart may have a “jump room” to Mars already, but for once, let’s look at the UFO/alien picture with a united focus rather than going off on an exotic tangent. Yes, I kn
Marcus Titus's picture

Six Ways to Discern Information Regarding 2012

Discern the information you read in order to find out the Truth!
Paul Schroeder's picture

Dreams are Not Dreams: Breaking Freud's Label

Not every thought that you have, originates with you.
Peter Fotis Kapnistos's picture

Post-Taser Flashback: Zombie Drug?

The "Miami Zombie," was a naked man who was killed by police on May 26, 2012, after he was found eating another man's face along a busy highway. Another zombie apocalypse-type incident took place over
Diane Tessman's picture

Tibetan Tulpas and Alien Thought-Forms

Hope Bradford's picture

The Law of Attraction & the Human Empathetic Response