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Human Consciousness

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NASA Media Teleconference Update Re: Curiosity Rover

NASA will host a media teleconference at 10:30 a.m. PDT (1:30 p.m. EDT), Friday, Aug. 17, to provide a status update on the Curiosity rover's mission to Mars' Gale Crater
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In The Footsteps Of The Ancient Gods

Some people come to Egypt to see elegant buildings, ornate columns and towering pyramids. Others come for a deeper purpose: to experience their resonance.
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Making Some Comparison​s

One show I enjoy watching is SG-1. Though a work of fiction, I've wondered if there is some basis of truth in the shows, information not yet made public. One of SG-1 shows, New Ground, had me connect
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Life Observations

It would be no simple thing to forget, but still one easier than the weight of unwanted knowledge. Every profession of man is laced with regret of one kind or another and these issues are as much a pa
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The Feeding of the Fiends

The world is rapidly changing and not the least of these changes is the alterations to the climate of certain areas. This year alone, much of America has suffered from a killing drought one that has s
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Replacing Traditional Electricity With Laser Power Is Achievable Now

A recent laser test at Lawrence Berkelery National Lavoritory was conducted where pulses at the Berkelery Lab Laser Accelerator delivered a petawatt of power once per second. A petawatt is 1015 watts
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August and the Spiritual Harvest

July has, in the UK at least, been a time of blustery weather and rain with little or no relief. What can we deduce though from the ancient and mysterious mythological background associated with Augus
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4 MIND-BENDING QUESTIONS - To Consider on Paranormal Events and UFOs

Often we hear answers regarding the origin and nature of UFOs with their alien crews. We also hear theories on what the paranormal realm really is. However, sometimes it is more helpful and more inspi
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Regaining Our Humanity

Architects of Change invites you to meet inspirational individuals who envision and construct powerful practical changes that substantially enhance our planetary wellbeing. Like their namesakes, Archi
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Good-bye, Sally Ride, May the Wind Be at Your Back!

Sally Ride is a hero of mine and of women everywhere who want to boldly go where no ONE (not “no man”), has gone before!
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BROKEN TRUST: How Safe Is Your Child At School?

Humanity has at times become preoccupied by what lies beyond the stars and our link with our intergalactic cousins. This is good and wholesome, yet harsh truths closer to home must frequently take pri
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Monsters and other Scary, Nighttime, Bedroom Intruders

The pre-sleep mind is on the threshold of other consciousness and other astral worlds; what one can do, when parasitic spiritual bullies float in
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The UFO/Alien High Wire Circus Act

I have always loved the Flying Wallendas! In my childhood, I treasured a biography about them entitled, yes, “The Flying Wallendas.” Did you know that they were literally on the high wire in Havana, w
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Patty Yu Wants You to Thrive

There is cosmic-level truth residing in almost everyone you meet. Virtually everyone you meet is truly and expert at something. 
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Peeling the Quantum Layers of the Alien Onion

We can all agree that UFOs and the aliens within, are not of one source. This is a multi-layered puzzle, and is in fact, many different phenomena. Do the various sources have any relationship to each