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Human Consciousness

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The fabled 'Lost City' of Atlantis is one of mankind's greatest and most enduring mysteries. First written of 2,350 years ago by the Greek philosopher Plato in his works the Timaeus and the Critias, t
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People - The Paranormal and Our Time in History

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Experimenting On Us Humans

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Review of Beneficial Law of Attraction: Anatomical Proof of the Law of Attraction, Free Will, Karma & Reincarnation?

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The Hum

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Dr. Joseph F. Marra Claims Quantum Access Key To Wellness

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Communicating With God

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The Strange Light in the Australian Valley- Another type of Abduction Event

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Hiding the truth about youself.

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The Proof: Mind, Miracles and the Multiverse –Extraordinary Law of Attraction Stories

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‘Situation awareness’ is key for consciousness and safe, healthy living

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Consciousness and health studies at U of Arizona explore new paths

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Three Disembodied Souls From A Disaster

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Truth as to What Happens To Us When We Die and Where Do We Go

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Warnings from the Abductee's Do Not Blame the Messenger- Instead Heed the Message