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Human Consciousness

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Many mysteries involved in disclosure, not just UFOs

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Psychic Protection from Negative Thought Entities: Metaphysical Cleansing of Alien Imposed and Demonic Nightmare Images

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A Time Of Evolving

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ESP, ‘sixth sense’ can be part of sports, physical activities

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Landing zone in ‘Close Encounters’ has American Indian connections

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New book 'A.D. After Disclosure' helps us handle UFO truths

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UFOs and human psychology: Dangers and challenges

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Ancient viewpoints, new discoveries help explain UFOs, unusual phenomena

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Take a closer look at NBC’s 'The Event'

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Nicola Tesla- Are the Greedy and Powerful Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity?

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Strange anti-gravity and UFO incidents described in novel

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JESUS - Blind Faith And The Dangers Of The Fundamentalist Mindset

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Will 'Gravity' movie explore human mind, space, UFOs?

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Human Conscous Project As Perception - ET In The Eye Of The Beholder

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'Integrative perception' useful in health, media, defense