Human Consciousness

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Ten Years After 911

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Kuan Yin's "Rope to a Life-Saving Raft", The Law of Attraction and Is Life an Endless Déjà vu?'s picture

Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences vs. Death and Afterlife Experiences

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Pat Regan's Response To Paul Schroeder's Article:

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Exorcism vs. Spiritual Healing and Entity Detachment (The God-like Powers of the Human Mind)

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Revolutions Occur Overnight

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The Haunted Road

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Why Humans Do Not Know About UFOs Aliens or Life in the Cosmos

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The Alteration of Timelines

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The Law of Attraction, Your Seven Innate Forces and the Time Machine

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The Nuclear Bomb in Your Backyard

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You Are Made of Sound: The Quantum Physics of Affirmations and the Law of Attraction's picture

Questions and Answers about Life after Death

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What is Truth?