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Film Review: Paranormal Activity 4

The Paranormal Activity franchise has been one of the single biggest movie success stories of the twenty-first century so far. The original movie was completed in 2007, but its creators had to wait un
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Are the Children of Earth Manifesting Their Own Reality and Future?

How much do UFOs have to do with quantum human perception?
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Telepathy and How it Fits into the UFO Puzzle

There is much evidence throughout the years that UFO occupants use telepathy on humans. Physicists such as Jack Sarfatti research a field called post-quantum theory which goes beyond accepted quantum
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Queen Mary's Lady in White, Captured by Paranormal Investigator?

Ghost photographs elicit spine chills especially if you believe the circumstances surrounding how the image was taken. Paranormal Investigator and Sensitive Valentina Lomborg sent us a full body appar
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Halloween: The Sacred Pagan Time of True Love…

I have written at great length about the true meaning of Halloween countless times
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The Paranormal Has A Sense Of Humor

The paranormal is not always scary, but rather a neat connectivity that may scream coincidence or synchronicity as your mind attempts to understand something that's just happened that probably shouldn
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Halloween Ghosts and Spirits: Is This the Time the Corridor Between Dimensions Opens?

As Pagans say, "Blessed Samhain is the time when the veil is thinnest!"
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Chris Holly Wonders, 'What’s the Story with Ghosts?'

What do you think about ghosts? Millions of people claim to have seen them. Stories about them haunting the living have been told since man could communicate. They seem to be part of our existence b
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UFO photographed Alaincourt in Haute-Saône in France September 27, 2012

Many thanks to Ms. Madalena (his name) who just email the original photo she has taken this strange "thing" to Alaincourt on 27 September 2012 to 23 H. .. Our Amie Madalena says
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Classic Spooky UFO Movies for Halloween - Brad and Sherry Steiger

By Brad and Sherry Steiger, Authors of Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds
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The Hall of Havoc

These articles you’ll find in the Hall of Havoc ,are a door to an improvised armory of sorts, . . In this area we will discuss means of self-defense, tools that can be converted to weapons, decor
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Endless Images

Watching a seemingly endless stream of inner images.
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Is This Proof of Morphic Resonance Between Dogs and Humans?

Rupert Sheldrake has done extensive research on morphic resonance between dogs and their humans. Do we have proof now that this phenomenon exists?
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Abduction in the Desert Sun the Nightmare Continues

Article on bloodline link to real time abductions
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Times Forgotten, Times yet to Come!

Whether you’re an exponent for the theories and beliefs about Dimensional beings or see your feet firmly set on the ground, dismissing the subject as poppycock, there are curious records, sightings an