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"PETER SWIFT AND THE SECRET OF GENOUNIA” by Pat Regan, weaves an exceptionally thrilling mystical tale, as Lancashire school boy, 11 year old Peter Swift, encounters a terrifying phantom on his grandf
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The Girl Beneath the Tree

Your not supposed to see anything in the blurry image to the left, its enough that (with my eyes i did, ).
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'Edge of Reality' Radio Show Second Season Premieres July 16, 2012!

ARIRA radio show Producer Richard Lang and Host Michael Weiss announced the season premiere of the web series July 16, 2012, a talk format that streams "from the edge of reality."
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Light Beams at House of Cenote, Tulum

I thought you might be interested in the photo to the right which shows light beams over a Mayan religious site behind the House of Cenote in Tulum. (click here to enlarge) It was taken on New Years
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Benevolent Teachers or Rampaging Invaders: The Alien Question

Abductee and UFO Enthusiast Argue Our Outcome - Will mankind ever face our alien visitors in warfare?
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They Say It’s in the Eyes

The images are all of the same window. You may not see anything, but having looked at thousands of images taken in every lighting possible and exposing these individually to a number of extremes
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A Favorite UFO/Fortean Event: The Kentucky/Hopkinsville Goblins

A favorite anomalous event, one that remains a mystery more than fifty-five years later. That is the Kentucky, or Hopkinsville "goblins." Small, alien looking creatures terrified the Sutton family in
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UFO Digest Mourns the Death of Ray Bradbury

John Anthony Miller awoke Wednesday morning to news that his great friend and idol, author Ray Bradbury, had passed away at age 91.
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Is It Dangerous Where You Live?

Awhile back I wrote an article about the infamous Plum Island that is located off of the tip of Long Island New York. Plum Island has been long known as a place of dangerous activities since the mid..
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Called By A Wild Wind

In the canyon at the pull-out next to the huge, familiar old pine tree. Just beyond it I can see the creek splashing against the boulder.
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Do Mermaids Exist?

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From Aliens To Tibetan Mystics: "They" Might Truly Be Among Us! Who Are The Walk-Ins?

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Gravity Corridors, Alien Moons, and the Creatures Below

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Spirit Dolls, Fact or Fiction?

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New Clue to Fate of Roanoke Lost Colony