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The Paranormal Connection Between The Titantic and King Tutankhamun

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There has been an enormous leap in interest, in the minds of the American people, into the subject of the paranormal and ghosts in particular. Television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer,
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A Coma, a Lucid Dream, or an OBE?

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Does Science Believe In Telepathy?

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Strange Entity in Michoacán Mexico

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The Haunted Seas

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Do People Just Disappear Into Thin Air?

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Strange Noises and Shaking Explained

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The Place Where Fact Meets Fiction Part II

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The Place Where Fact Meets Fiction

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Vampires Are Among Us

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Ninety-Seven Quirkly Takes From South Carolina

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City Beneath The Sea

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Ghosts are Found Alive and Well, 2012 in St. Augustine, Florida