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Is It Dangerous Where You Live?

Awhile back I wrote an article about the infamous Plum Island that is located off of the tip of Long Island New York. Plum Island has been long known as a place of dangerous activities since the mid..
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Called By A Wild Wind

In the canyon at the pull-out next to the huge, familiar old pine tree. Just beyond it I can see the creek splashing against the boulder.
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Do Mermaids Exist?

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From Aliens To Tibetan Mystics: "They" Might Truly Be Among Us! Who Are The Walk-Ins?

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Gravity Corridors, Alien Moons, and the Creatures Below

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Spirit Dolls, Fact or Fiction?

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New Clue to Fate of Roanoke Lost Colony

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Sounds From Other Realms

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Of Spirits and Ouija Boards in Mexico

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When Worlds Touch

There are places and times when strange things happen.
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The Paranormal Connection Between The Titantic and King Tutankhamun

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There has been an enormous leap in interest, in the minds of the American people, into the subject of the paranormal and ghosts in particular. Television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer,
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A Coma, a Lucid Dream, or an OBE?

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Does Science Believe In Telepathy?