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Everybody hears the sound of a train in the distance: Trains to High Strangeness

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The Real Time Abductee Group

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Time Reassignment

The term "time reassignment" is used in the film "Source Code." In this film, a military pilot is dying, but through quantum manipulations which go beyond mere virtual experience, he finds himself on
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Brad Steiger's Real Nightmares

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Paranormal Activity 3: Watch the trailer if you dare

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The Presence is a class act!

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Exploring ‘Causes’ of Paranormal Experiences

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Chris Holly and The Curious Sight of Two Suns

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Supernatural influences in life of world famous analyst explored in new video

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The Mystery of the Invasive Red Orbs

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How to Ask About UFOs Without the Ridicule and Laughter

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*Expedition in Spain*

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The Unseen Universe - The Spirit World

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A Place Called Hell

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A Look At Out Of Body Experiences