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Chris Holly's picture

The Paranormal - Our Biggest Failure

TStokes's picture

King Edward VIII And The Occultists

Chris Holly's picture

The Continued Reports of Extremely Strange UFOs

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Alien ET UFO Paranormal Spiritual Change as Social Paranormal Network Expands

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The Mysterious Visitor

Mark Collins's picture

M6 Paranormal Crash Report: Overview

Chris Holly's picture

Taken and Thrown Back Without Concern - Another Abductee Speaks Out

wk4418's picture

Triple Suns Over China

Chris Holly's picture

The Strangest of the Strange UFO Reports

Ian Brockwell's picture

Dead Birds, Fish and magnetic changes fuel Doomsday scenario

Chris Holly's picture

The Abductee's Symbol - The Ongoing Mystery

Alfred Lambremont Webre's picture

Are the UFOs appearing in Russia skies in Dec. 2010 Fulham’s predicted UFO wave?

Chris Holly's picture

My Predictions for 2011 from Chris Holly

Louis Hart's picture

The Vanishing Bat

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London shop worker claims to be Marilyn Monroe in past life