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The Unseen Universe - The Spirit World

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A Place Called Hell

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A Look At Out Of Body Experiences's picture

Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences vs. Death and Afterlife Experiences

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Pat Regan's Response To Paul Schroeder's Article:

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The Return of the Hum - A Super Annoying Mystery

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How "They" Control Us- Warnings of the Abductees

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The Haunted Road

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Why Humans Do Not Know About UFOs Aliens or Life in the Cosmos

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The Werewolf Book: Beware Wild Animals On The Loose!

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The Strangest Strangers

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When is it a Lantern and When is it Something Else?

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Paranormal Warnings, Mothman, UFOs, and Bridge Collapse

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How Brynley Margerison told me there was an afterlife

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What is real and what is illusion?