Prophets and Prophecies

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Rogue Earthquakes and the Wandering, Weakening Magnetic Field

On May 29, 2012, an unusually shallow earthquake shook northern Italy again. This quake was 5.8 on the Richter Scale and apparently was an aftershock of the 6.0 quake which hit the same area on May 20
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From Aliens To Tibetan Mystics: "They" Might Truly Be Among Us! Who Are The Walk-Ins?

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Pagan Code of Honour

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Lights from the Other World. Floater structures in the visual arts of modern and present-day shamans

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Leonardo Da Vinci's The Adoration of the Magi

The Madonna and child sit in front of a tree which symbolizes (1) "the tree of life". Behind the tree sits the duet of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
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Strange Events Continue...

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Strange Sounds Heard Around The World A Hoax, Perpertrated By Cultist Religion

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The Devastation of Mankind!

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UFO Digest Editor to Lecture at A.R.E.'s Edgar Cayce Center

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Predictions for the year 2012

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Predictions 2012: The Setting Sun, a New Dawn or Just Another Day?

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Our Fate Awaits in 2012

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A New Year's Resolution - Don't Trust New Age Psychics

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Predictions: Can We Talk?