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Randomness Isn't So Bad

While it is commendable to search for meaning in life, randomness is more pervalent and just may have more influence on our success or failure that what is realized.
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The Two Most Dangerous Forms of Mind Control

Most people attempt to validate information they come upon by inputting the data, in question, into one of two mental cylinders where it is quickly processed and analyzed, by our brains, for a final d
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Midsummer Solstice - the Sun's zenith

Of all archetypal symbols making a powerful impact on the human spirit, probably none remains more deeply ingrained in our subconscious realms than the circle or the wheel. The circle is an emblematic
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The Shroud of Turin's Less Famous Cousin

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Are Angels real? Are They Our Personal Protectors? What is Their Association with UFOs?

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Leonardo Da Vinci's The Adoration of the Magi

The Madonna and child sit in front of a tree which symbolizes (1) "the tree of life". Behind the tree sits the duet of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
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Excuses: Who Really Needs Them

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A Combination Of Church Service And Circus Act

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Meeting Up With The Spirit Junkies

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Replacing Religion With Spirituality

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The Egos Involved

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Satircal Interview With God

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Italian Study Claims Turin Shroud Authentic

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A Perfect Time for a Talk With the Angel Man

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Christmas: Jesus - The 'Reason For The Season' Or Just More Fundamentalist Claptrap?