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Carbon-Scrubbing Giant Glowing Mushrooms

Chris Holly's picture

How Quickly We Forget - The UFO Crash South Haven Park New York 1992

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Why The Big Bang Never Happened... and why we need to know it!

Pat Regan's picture

Life after Death. Yes, it’s real!

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Wooly Mammoths Could Be Brought Back?

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Scientists Race To Lake Vostok Antarctica

Chris Holly's picture

The Continued Reports of Extremely Strange UFOs

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UFO Digest Spotlight on...Phoenix Rising From The Gulf By Dr. Tom Termotto

Tony Elliott's picture

The Kola Super Deep Borehole, Russia

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We Pay Scientists For What?

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Using Meditation As A Constructive Tool

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The Strangest of the Strange UFO Reports

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A "Wooly Mammoth" Could Be Re-born in Five Years!

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The Hoteev Hypothesis: Comets Contain Antimatter

Russian Academician Viktor H. Hoteev proposed the theory that Comets contain Antimatter and could pose a greater threat to Earth than previously believed by scientists.
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Birds,Fish Dying "All Around the World"