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Astronauts Kept Experiences Secret for Fear of Losing Jobs

There's a programme on BBC Radio called The Life Scientific with presenter Jim Al Khalili in which the latest episode featured his interview with Professor Alan Watson who has spent 40 years trying to
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Meteor and Asteroid Over Russia - Global Coastal Event?

Dr. Courtney Brown - Russia meteor & asteroid 2012 DA14 may constitute 2013 "global coastal event" remote viewed in another timeline
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It seems 2013, will see our planet remain in an area of space, littered with natural space rocks from the size of a grain of sand to much larger pieces that will impact our planet's surface.
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Earth under Threat from Cosmic Global Killer: Humanity is defenceless!

Whichever way we want to cut the mustard our planet is now clearly under attack and we are only getting incomplete warnings about incoming UFOs entering our air space from the authorities that we are
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Meteors Blazing Across Cuba, San Francisco, Japan, What’s Happening?

What if all these cosmic events which impacted or almost impacted Earth, were connected and therefore no coincidence, despite what the "experts" say?
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Strange Tower On Mars!

Curiosity on Mars photographed this strange tower February 13, 2013.
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Russian Space Attack!

I have been particularly fascinated by exhilarating reports coming in today (15 February 2013) regarding aerial objects crashing into the earth after being witnessed in the skies over Russia.
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10 Ton Meteor Falls on Russia and Enflames UFO Panic

As awesome vapor trails filled the skies, which were raining down dangerous “bombs,” many people in the Urals of Russia believed that aliens were attacking and panic apparently ensued.
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Curiosity on Mars photographed this unusual object Martian

Curiosity on Mars photographed this unusual object Martian
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Asteroid Moving Toward Us at 17,450 Miles per Hour, Says NASA

Asteroid DA14 will come closer to Earth than any previously observed space object, zooming within 17,200 miles of Earth on February 15th, 2013, at 2:24 p.m., Eastern Standard Time
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Real Time Abductees and the Aliens

Abductees discuss what they have encountered and share thoughts about Aliens and their experiences
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Are UFO Occupants Composed of Plasma, Their Life-Force Residing in Electric Energy?

After many years of being involved in UFOlogy, I have concluded that some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma.
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When Will It End?

Well we made it through another end of the world prediction when December 22, 2012 arrived. I think in this case the Mayan Calendar was misinterpreted.
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Asteroid Apophis: God of Death, Were the Egyptians Right?

Apophis, discovered in 2004, went zooming by Wednesday night, January 9, 2013. It was predicted to come within 9.3 million miles of Earth. European Space Agency officials announced that its infrared H
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Your Reports Keep On Coming In!

UFO sightings continue to be reported all over Long Island New York