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Time Travel

John Milor's picture

The Quantum Physics of Freewill and Predestination

I have postulated in various publications, that I believe that God, in His infinite wisdom and power, has somehow developed the means of testing our hearts (Romans 8:27) in a way that allows for prede
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Do Aliens Die?

Every living creature dies – or does it? If an individual was abducted in 1952 by a seemingly young human-looking alien, is this alien now an old alien? If he had a human lifespan, he might well be de
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4 MIND-BENDING QUESTIONS - To Consider on Paranormal Events and UFOs

Often we hear answers regarding the origin and nature of UFOs with their alien crews. We also hear theories on what the paranormal realm really is. However, sometimes it is more helpful and more inspi
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New Book Claims To Be From The Future!

A new book by two best-selling authors, Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, This Book is from the Future: A Journey Through Portals,
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CIA Teleportation Whistleblower Goes Public

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CONTINUUM - Jump Back In Time

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Wall Street Wizard Claims He's From Future - Redux

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Humanoid Gray/Nordic Time and Dimensions

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ExoUniversity offers "real Philadelphia Experiment" at Vancouver Roundhouse

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Strange Events Continue...

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More Real Time Abductees

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Entanglement Jump Room Mechanics 101

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Chris Holly's The 800lb UFO in the Living Room

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The Devastation of Mankind!

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Finally - A Must Have UFO Book