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UFO Sightings

Roger Marsh's picture

Slow Moving Ball of Light Reported By Michigan Cab Driver

Roger Marsh's picture

Witness Spots UFO Flying Low and Silent over New Hampshire

Michael Horn's picture

Scientists' 'New Discovery' About Moon's Surface Already Published by UFO Contactee... in 1987!

Roger Marsh's picture

Two Triangle UFOs Sightings Investigated Over Oklahoma

Roger Marsh's picture

Huge Triangle Shaped UFO Over California

Christian Macé's picture

UFO photographed in Poland near Lipianki by Google Maps

Christian Macé's picture

UFO Filmed in Romania

Pat Regan's picture

Triangular shaped UFO witnessed over Blackburn in Lancashire, UK

Christian Macé's picture

This UFO was filmed in the skies over El Salvador, November 12, 2010 ... :

Christian Macé's picture

This UFO was filmed in New York November 10, 2010

Chris Holly's picture

Now is the Time for a UFO Sighting

Jon Kelly's picture

Unknown missile streaks across coastal area near LA

Roger Marsh's picture

UFO Caught On Video Centreville, Virgina

Pat Regan's picture

UFO: strange lights in the Seascale sky

Steve Hammons's picture

UFO disclosure is happening – some people don’t notice