UFO Sightings

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Does NBC's 'The Event' help disclosure on UFOs?

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Military veterans talk about UFOs, nuclear weapons, and the Cold War

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Phoenix newspaper covers UFOs, interviews author Leslie Kean

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UFO filmed at a concert by Jon Bon Jovi in Lima, Peru September 29, 2010

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Fallstreak Holes or Punch Hole Cloud effects

Punch hole effects
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Florida couple reports 'cloaked starship' over night sky

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The Confused Convoluted Dead End Road to the Answers of the Unknown

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Report Suggests UFO Flew Over Tandil, Argentina

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UFO over Barrow-in-Furness: daytime video footage captured by dog walker

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Have U.S. Nuclear Weapons Facilities Been Compromised By Unidentified Aerial Objects

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Alain took pictures of possible chemtrails in the skies of Toulouse where UFOs appear

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UFO photographed over ancient Chinese city

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Redbear: Lifting the Veil-we are designed to love

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Former military personnel to prove UFO cover-up

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Amazing UFO or flying alien filmed in China