UFO Sightings

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Minneapolis-St. Paul news station captures UFO footage

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Senior Citizens, Pets and Abduction: Not a Happy Story

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Four sphere UFOs reported along Connecticut coastline

Reports of an orange-red sphere silently crossing the night sky continue to be received in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
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The night the Moon danced over Kauai

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Close Encounter of Flying Snake Like Creature Near Lake Ontario

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UFO and nocturnal lights recorded on video while camping near Vancouver

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Eagle as icon of missing time explored through ECETI UFO video and witness statements

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Vancouver mystic's secret message describes “alien's memories”

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UFO Photographed Over Heidelberg, Germany?

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First Contact - Art by Danny Rogers

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UFO sightings step up with RIMPAC exercises off Hawaii - More KBay Photos

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Now you think something funny was going on at Montauk Point? Where were you years ago?

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Redbear: How I was shown to communicate

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Controversies, Commentaries and Consciousness Are the Focus of the New Michael Horn Show

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Alien Base: A BOOK Review