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UFO Sightings

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UFO, extraterrestrial disclosure linked to public readiness

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UFO in India

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Syfy Unveils Potential Major Development In Roswell Case

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A UFO Digest Spotlight on…V-SHAPED Craft Observed in Springfield, Illinois...

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A UFO Digest Spotlight on...V-SHAPED Craft Observed in Springfield, Illinois...

During the fall of 1988, I was living in Springfield, Illinois and by then a veteran police officer and field investigator for MUFON. After meeting with a field rep, from Michigan (as I recall) at th
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The UFO Digest Spotlight on OPEN MINDS FORUM

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UFO/ET/MIBs - My Close Encounters - A True Life Story - Part 1

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The UFO Digest Spotlight On Loring AFB & The US Air Force Colonel 1967

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The Emerald Cloud and the Green Fireballs of New Mexico - Part I

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Intelligence officials have unique approach on UFOs, extraterrestrials?

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Extraterrestrials in the news, and maybe in America

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Radar, Skeptics, and “No Scientific Proof”

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Human-looking extraterrestrials secretly in U.S.?

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UFOs over New Jersey's Manasquan Inlet seem to play game of 'hide-and-seek'

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So said one of the scientists appearing in behalf of the skeptics In a documentary aired on ABC-TV, on February 2005. It was entitled “Seeing is Believing: The Truth about UFOs.” So apparently not...