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UFO Sightings

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Radar, Skeptics, and “No Scientific Proof”

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Human-looking extraterrestrials secretly in U.S.?

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UFOs over New Jersey's Manasquan Inlet seem to play game of 'hide-and-seek'

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So said one of the scientists appearing in behalf of the skeptics In a documentary aired on ABC-TV, on February 2005. It was entitled “Seeing is Believing: The Truth about UFOs.” So apparently not...
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Airliner Passenger Photographs UFO In Peru

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Rectangular Object Sighted Over The Cobequid Pass

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UFOs Photographed Over New Zealand

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When Will We Learn?

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He Watched Yet Said Nothing - The UFO Crash of 1992

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Circular-shaped objects flying in triangle formation reported from North Carolina

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Human Beings the TRUE Extraterrestrial Reptilian Race

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Smart People, Foolish Statements

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UFO mystery sighting on Central Coast of Australia

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Two UFO Sightings from Max

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The Coming of the Archons, the “Third Mind,” and the Good Doctor Joseph Chiappalone