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UFO Sightings

Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

Australia: UFO sightings reported in north Queensland

Several people in the tiny tropical town of Cardwell have reported seeing unidentified lights in the evening sky.
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Orbs Are A True Mystery

What is going on in our skies when craft size orbs flood our skies and we simply do not notice or just do not care?
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I Saw Two Types of UFOs

Hi my name is Liliana I live in Houston, Texas. When I was smaller around the age of 10 my family and I were coming from Chuck E. Cheese's on our way home. I love the night view so I would stare out t
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UFO Digest Newsletter November 1, 2012 - Halloween Edition

Welcome to the Halloween issue of UFO Digest. Here you will find many Halloween related articles including two articles by Pat Regan, concerning Pagans and Bigots!
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Large Spherical Object Spotted in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania witness at Doylestown reported watching a "large, spherical object with three triangular lights" that moved over Route 202 about 6:20 a.m. on October 19, 2012, according to testimony fr
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Another Mysterious Flying Object over Southport

Many thought it was all over. However, on 26 September I personally witnessed yet another fast flying object, hurdling through the dark sky.
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Abduction in the Desert Sun the Nightmare Continues

Article on bloodline link to real time abductions
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Similar Orb Sightings Witnessed Worldwide!

I think those who follow the paranormal, especially the subject of UFOs, are fully aware we have recently been under a flood of Orb sightings all over the world. My email box continues to fill with th
Chris Holly's picture

Extreme Activity Being Reported Especially Over the East Coast of the USA

Never before in all my years writing about the paranormal have I been swamped with email and phone reports as I have been this summer concerning reports of UFO and Orb activity. Daily I am being tol
Chris Holly's picture

Strange Orbs Continue Over Long Island in August

.My family and I are still on our summer’s vacation however I felt it important to report the fact that I am being sent reports from those living along the South Shore of Long Island concerning stran
Dirk Vander Ploeg's picture

Mysterious Red Light Over Lawton, Oklahoma

I read "Mysterious Red Lights Hovering Over Wabush, Labrador" on UFO Digest and wanted you to know I had a similar experience.
Chris Holly's picture

Paranormal Investigations of Plum Island and Camp Hero

I am still on summer vacation and enjoying every minute of it. We spent a day visiting Montauk Point located on the end of Long Island New York. It is a beautiful coastal area full of beaches looking
Pat Regan's picture

Lancashire: UFO Close to Hot Air Balloon

I took a series of photographs of the balloon. One shot displayed an unidentified black, triangular-shaped object moving close to the left of the balloon.
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UFO Storm and the sky watchers

The halcyon days of my childhood in Birkdale Southport, which saw huge thunderstorms regularly arrive on balmy evenings over the primordial, Lancashire mosslands were incredibly exhilarating. I would
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Ultra Bright Square Object Reported Over the 405 Freeway, CA

A California witness driving south along the 405 Freeway near San Juan Capistrano pulled over in an attempt to identify an "ultra bright, square object" in the night sky, according to July 16, 2012, t