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UFO Sightings

Christian Macé's picture

Strange UFO filmed in Wichita, Kansas

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Missile Launched Near Phoenix: Witness formerly with U.S. Space Command / NORAD

Chris Holly's picture

People - The Paranormal and Our Time in History

Chris Holly's picture

When Level Headed People Encounter the Unknown, UFO's and Lost Time

Chris Holly's picture

ET Souls -What Do You Think?

Chris Holly's picture

Sam's Strange Encounters with Flying Unknowns- Could He Be Another Abductee?

Jaime Maussan's picture

Jaime Maussan Reports Jerusalem UFO 100% Real!

Roger Marsh's picture

Witnesses See Black Triangle UFOs Over Indiana and California

Roger Marsh's picture

Indiana woman Frightened By Triangle UFO

Chris Holly's picture

The Strange Light in the Australian Valley- Another type of Abduction Event

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Lied to Again What We Were Not Told- The Blackout of 1965

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Security Camera Captures UFO Over Tulancingo, Mexico

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Warnings from the Abductee's Do Not Blame the Messenger- Instead Heed the Message

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When You Least Expect to See it- Strange Orb Over Shopping Center Northport New York

Paul Shishis's picture

UFO Sightings Over Scarborough, Ontario!