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UFO Videos w/YouTube

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UFO displays Saturday night suggest evidence for a unified free consciousness!

This sequence of events captured on video by the former skeptic suggests how a unified consciousness-based shared telepathy exists between humans and ETs.
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UFO emerges from Mount Shasta Portal

Brian Wallenstein gave first-person testimony to observing a series of spacecraft emerge from a portal in northern California.
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Space, UFOs and Mr. Bigelow

Late on Easter night Coast to Coast had Robert Bigelow on as its guest. The conversation that took place was one that every person should be forced to listen to.
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Do Russell Crowe's UFO photos offer 'Proof of Life' from outer space?

While there is likely to be a mundane explanation for Russell Crowe’s UFO photos, the positive social impact can be measured by the number of YouTube viewers sharing testimony of their own.
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UFOs and ET messengers frequent Alabama seniors caregiver

Richard Pangan explained how these incidents involved reptilians, psychokinesis, Nordics, telepathy, UFOs and seeing the moon from the inside of a spacecraft during his one-hour interview.
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Night Vision Video Captures Strobing UFO

Charles Lamoureux observed the visitor “just hovering then started slowly to move [over] downtown Vancouver about 1000 feet up” in what he would go on to describe as “an extraordinary night for UFOs."
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Are the 'UFO Hunters' COINTELPRO as former Intelligence Operative Claims?

"I was inside of an intel-watching authority that was watching the intelligence community in the navy. I think at some point they figured it out and decided to chip me."
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Meteor and Asteroid Over Russia - Global Coastal Event?

Dr. Courtney Brown - Russia meteor & asteroid 2012 DA14 may constitute 2013 "global coastal event" remote viewed in another timeline
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Live panel features CeRPER and JCETI UFO perspectives

A live panel will convene over YouTube to explore critical issues in UFO and ET contact-related education on UFOPM.
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Many Extraterrestrial Studies online at ExoUniversity

“More than 2.5 million students from around the world” have enrolled in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like those offered at ExoUniversity.
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Former UFO Skeptic and Astronomer Now UFO Skywatcher!

Vancouver UFO skywatcher and videographer Charles Lamoureux says that "something wonderful" has happened to him.
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Occult Psychology Reflected In UFOs!

The etymological significance of ancient luminous UFOs appearing near local peaks provides an opportunity for further exploration of a now-suppressed dimension of Powys history.
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UFO News 2012 In Review

More valid instrumental evidence for ET contact was published to YouTube in 2012 than SETI has produced in the past 40 years.
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Argentine UFO at the ethical crossroads in time

Choices between access to infinite star knowledge and the tortures of animal lives will determine humanity's collective future potential.
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UFO hacker will not face British trial - Mother relieved

Gary McKinnon's mother would love for President Obama to pardon his hacking of NASA computers.