It Came From The North

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My first UFO sighting

The day was perfect. Clear blue sky with no clouds. Warm, but not uncomfortably so. My brother-in-law and I stood out on the front deck enjoying the unobstructed view of the nearby mountains.

Suddenly a movement brought both of us out of our reverie. Above the mountains something was crossing the sky. From the north it came, a glowing blue sphere. Trailing blue flames flecked with yellow.

It slowly descended at a fairly shallow angle and we watched it until it dropped out of sight behind the mountains.

We figured we’d see something about it in the local newspaper but never a word was printed.

What did we see? It wasn’t a meteor nor was it an airplane. It didn’t crash or it would have started a rip-roaring forest fire.

Someone once said that if you see a UFO then you are involved with it. There is no doubt in my mind that a UFO is what we saw. It marked the beginning of a new level of strange happenings in my life…and they’ve never let up.

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My first UFO sighting


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this sighting has really hit home with was 3 yrs ago i seen my first ufo.(i am 57).,anyway after that everything changed for perspective,my awareness,my curiosity,and etc.many unusual things i cannot explain.....too many to list.anyway i made a movie of almost 90 unusual things in the sky,(that occured in a window of 3 yrs).,almost all of these "things" were seen outside my house.they were not seen with the naked eye.,only when i downloaded them to my p.c...........
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Thank you for the feedback on the article. Your video sounds interesting. Have you considered contacting Dirk at UFO Digest about publishing a copy of it?

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