The Martians Welcomed Curiosity

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On the official website of NASA Image Gallery open in the photo marked No. 3 taken by the robot Curiosity ground that landed on Mars August 6, 2012. Then for a broad view, go to "1024 x 768", and enlarge by clicking on the picture in the upper and right with the right mouse button, and click on "enlarge" ... I extracted these images, indicated by the white hand the photo in question, and indicated by arrows in red the two strange structures adjacent to one another, including a pyramid-shaped. And I have expanded ... :   

On the official website, UFO or Alien strange structure of Mercury: Messenger photo by:

Visit Christian's website for many more photos of Mars:


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NASA have changed the images around it is now image 7 not 3. Depth perception is a bit deceiving in the photo they look more like angular rocks not very far from the landing sight, it would be nice to see a color image. If it is a structure I doubt NASA would publish any more pics of it. Perhaps it won't be long before they airbrush this photo. Well spotted thanks for posting.
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WOW! Good find! I mean who would have thought that NASA could have had the foresight to land their Rover RIGHT where Martians were waiting! Wow! Amazing!

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