Let's Hear It For The Weeds

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I like weeds. They're hardy and will grow just about anywhere. They don't require tilling and feeding with some special fertilizer. Lots of them are good to eat and some have beautiful flowers.

I don't know why weeds got such a bad rap. It it weren't for them some places would be really barren, funky looking affairs. Consider how dreary those wonderful, lush, high mountain meadows would be without all those wild plants (weeds) ablaze with their blooms.

There may be those dry summers where the lawn of St. Augustine grass looks bedraggled but by golly the crabgrass can be counted on to remain nice and green. And, of course, we can always depend on dandelions to proliferate and supply a good show of yellow flowers.

I like weeds and I’m not the only one. God created them so He certainly must think they are special. I’m not inclined to question God's opinion?

So...all together now...let's hear it for the weeds. *Yeaaaaaaa! Live long and prosper."