UFOs and the Moon: Using Oracles

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I discovered Lisa Frideborg Lloyd's tarot blog awhile ago, and I love it. So much synchronicity, as to be expected in these realms, and I like her take on most things. A couple of weeks ago she posted about the moon-as-an-artificial-craft theory.

Yes, she references David Icke, and we all know the problems with that. That aside, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, as my Babushka used to say. As to using oracles to uncover information concerning UFOs and such, that's an interesting area. It doesn't definitively prove anything, but it is data and it is a tool to help our understanding.  I've used the pendulum with questions concerning missing time, and what I got was interesting, but I have to wonder how much of that is the "truth" and how much is noise? Further exploration on the part of the witness/questioner can reveal interesting stuff.  My pendulum work gave answers about human manipulation as well as non-human but sentient beings as a positive "hit" and literally just stuck when it came to questions beyond that, such as ETs. Anyway, Lisa's three card reading on the topic of the moon as an artificial object is very interesting, and inspired me to do something similar; I think I'll use the Deviant Moon deck, as well as one of the Doreen Virtue decks (two very different takes!) for comparison. When I do, I'll share those readings.

Use of oracles and psychic type techniques to get at the UFO question isn't new or that strange. Remote viewers have been looking at some UFO and alien events, with similar results when notes were compared later. While some may thing all this is woo and goofy, not to mention vague and slippery, well, same can be said of the UFO phenomena in general. 

Here's a bit of what came up in Lisa's reading:

Tarotize: Is The Moon an Alien Spacecraft?: 3. How does this affect humans living on Earth? Sage of Chalices (Queen of Cups). The Queen of Cups is Water of Water. Apt or what?! The Water Element corresponds to the realm of emotions. I'm telling you: David Icke is right - the Moon was put in orbit to control sentient beings on this planet at the level of emotions.