Winter Wonderland

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Louis Hart's picture

As far as the eye could see the pine and fir trees stood, their limbs and needles covered by a thick blanket of the purest white, their dark trunks in stark contrast against the brightness of the snow. In spots the wind had drifted the snow on the ground into other-worldly shapes. And to complete this live picture post card there were breaks in the clouds revealing a sky of incredible blue.

All was still as I stood there spellbound, gazing on this awesome display of nature's beauty. Then large snowflakes began floating down like big feathers. Suddenly the faintest hint of a breeze set them to dancing and swirling as if they were performing a cosmic ballet to the symphony of the heavens. They spun, zig-zaged, and did loops. I thought at one time I heard one of them shout "Whee!" as it came close to the window and performed a piroet before sailing away on its way to the ground.