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  • Dr. Jill Ammon-...

    The scientific director of the AMP MindPower Program is Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler. A doctor of psychology, author, and pioneer brain/mind researcher, Dr. Ammon-Wexler was among the first to introduce brainwave training to the corporate world in the ‘70s.

    She spent over 35 years working on confidential levels with individuals from the Pentagon, a Presidential Commission, IBM, GTE, Apple and many other major corporations … plus Hollywood personalities, competitive athletes, performing artists, ranking Fortune 500 executives, and a long list of “ordinary” people who became extraordinary achievers.

    Her passions include gardening, home design, skiing, writing, painting, and good conversation.

  • Freddy Silva

    In arranging this pilgrimage to Malta I hope to bring you on a passage through time, to experience the pendulum of worship from divine feminine to the masculine and back again, and the manner in which it was explored. In doing so we shall travel to some of the oldest temples in the world whose origins may precede a global flood that raised the level of the sea and made an island out of Malta.

  • helent

    Sacred Earth Journeys is a unique, award winning travel company specializing in Sacred Journeys, Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats and Wisdom Teachings.

    Our Sacred Journeys programs offer opportunities to explore and connect with the spiritual energies and ancient traditions that exist at some of the most important Sacred Sites and Sacred Places around the world. In 2011 & 2012 we will be offering spiritual journeys & retreats to Greece, Guatemala, India, Kauai, Mexico, Peru, Tahiti and Thailand. In the past, we have also run journeys to other wonderful destinations such as Bali, Bolivia, Bhutan, England, Egypt, France, Guatemala, the Holy Land, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Scotland, Sedona and Tanzania which you can learn about on our Past Tours page.Our Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats programs offer opportunities to escape from daily stresses, restore balance into our lives, and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Activities such as, Yoga, Meditation, Chi Kung, Universal Healing Tao, Hiking and Photography can also be enjoyed throughout these relaxing and fun-filled holidays. Some of the destinations we venture to are Baja, India, Kauai, Tahiti and Tofino. In the past, we have offered programs to Bali, Belize, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Maui and Mexico which you can learn about on our Past Tours page.

  • Nigel Grogan

    As a child and probably in the late 60`s, I remember witnessing what can only be described as a definite and inexplicable UFO event over Birmingham England, but I first remember becoming seriously interested in the UFO phenomena at around the age of 16. I also began looking for answers to explain some of our rather extreme Human behaviour i.e. 2 world wars and the relentless destruction of our planet. I had never believed in God, but decided that there must be many extra terrestrial civilizations out there and hoped that one of them might stop our madness and being a child of the Cold War, what I expected to be an inevitable Nuclear Holocaust. I remember wishing I could have been born several hundred years later and been on board a Star Ship, hence my love of Star Trek which survives to this day.

    To cut a long story short, my life changed forever, when not long after my 21st Birthday, I finally discovered for myself that God was a reality and that he really had made himself known to Humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. This experience began to slowly reshape my understanding of the world and how it operates, including why Humanity is as it is, and to have an insight into the workings of what I now believe are the very real spiritual powers behind the UFO and Alien abduction phenomena.

    I have always tried to be level headed and down to earth and am not prone to flights of fancy. I have spent over 25 years in a variety of Social Work roles and have several professional qualifications behind me. I do not have a scientific background, but I always question what we are told by Science is fact or truth, how they know this and more importantly, why we are told.

    I now have the privilege to have the time to read and research my passion for discovering the truth.

  • Sherman Carmichael
  • George Filer
  • Johanne Robichaud

    Johanne Robichaud is a freelance writer on human development and is down in Arizona to the 21st UFO Conference. She is in contact with world-renown speakers and is writing articles about Arizona and the UFO Conference. It is a full 7 days of the paranormal and UFOs!

  • Floco Tausin

    The name Floco Tausin is a pseudonym. The author is a graduate of the Faculty of the Humanities at the University of Bern, Switzerland. In theory and practice he is engaged in the research of subjective visual phenomena in connection with altered states of consciousness and the development of consciousness. In 2009, he published the mystical story “Mouches Volantes” about the spiritual dimension of eye floaters.




    The book:

    ‚Mouches Volantes. Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness'. (Spiritual Fiction. ISBN: 978-3033003378. Paperback, 15.2 x 22.9 cm / 6 x 9 inches, 368 pages).

    Floco Tausin tells the story about his time of learning with spiritual teacher and seer Nestor, taking place in the hilly region of Emmental, Switzerland. The mystic teachings focus on the widely known but underestimated dots and strands floating in our field of vision, known as eye floaters or mouches volantes. Whereas in ophthalmology, floaters are considered a harmless vitreous opacity, the author gradually learns about them to see and reveals the first emergence of the shining structure formed by our consciousness.

    "Mouches Volantes" explores the topic of eye floaters in a much wider sense than the usual medical explanations. It merges scientific research, esoteric philosophy and practical consciousness development, and observes the spiritual meaning and everyday life implications of these dots and strands.

    "Mouches Volantes" - a mystical story about the closest thing in the world.

  • dmondeo

    dmondeo a.k.a David Munday A child of the mid fifties and sixties he is no stranger to the paranormal. His interest in UFO's started when he was a teenager after having seen strange things in the sky. A vivid dream in which he was told to join the "Universal Church" led him into Christianity and temporarily shelved his Ufology interest. He say's that is where he learned to Love all life,he met his wife and it also provided a good foundation for when his interest in Ufology was rekindled these past few years when he underwent a paradigm shift. David has had flashes of intuitive knowledge given him in the past, one event involved him being woken at 3am in the morning with the image of a friend he hadn't seen for months flashing before his eyes and the word suicide across his friends forehead. With a sense of urgency David immediately phoned his friend and told him what he had seen. His friend admitted that he was contemplating suicide at that moment. David is the author of the children's book 'The Secret Dummy of Joshua Bean' and also writes humorous poetry when he has time.

  • Project exa

    Traveler primus

  • JohnnyBoy
  • Thiago Luiz Tic...
  • Arrai’El
  • ShabbyG
  • Terje Wulfsberg
  • Roberto Tirado
  • Jordan Webb
  • Randy Hall
    My name is Randy Hall. I am a recently graduated film student and I'm going big with this project. This is my passion project/love letter to The X-Files, and it entails all of the things I think make movies the best art form. There is action, drama, comedy and spectacle. I have been a huge believer in the paranormal, in particular UFOs, for some time now. I believe whole heartedly that there are other beings out there. My short film examines this idea while following a group of UFO hunters who are out on an investigation.
  • Chadien D. Blako

    Chadien D. Blako is a professor and independent researcher based in Chapadmalal, Argentina. For several years he also worked in the Pagan Religion and Medieval Rites department at the University of Bilbao. He is the head of the Los Horneros Paranormal Institute. His scientific interest in the relation between UFO's and the cattle mutilation phenomenon led him to investigate twenty-two such cases from eight different countries. These cases are documented in his book "The Alien's Backbone" co-authored with Doctor Angel Diaz. You can contact Professor Blako at chadien.blako@gmail.com.

  • wtreurniet

    I am retired from doing paid research and am now investigating and writing about UFOs and paranormal phenomena including physical mediumship

  • Steve Beckow
  • Frank Carlton
  • luminalmedia
  • Tony Bushby

    After achieving the necessary academic qualifications, Tony Bushby became a self-employed architectural draftsman early in his life, and later established a magazine publishing business that involved 20 years of research, writing and the publishing of a series of colour magazines primarily for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Some of his titles were; Relieving Arthritis; The Renovators Guidebook; Glimpses of Life Beyond Death, some ‘Collector Editions’ motoring magazines, an immigrant’s handbook, and other general topics. Tony has also had some of his controversial articles published in NEXUS, a renowned international magazine, some of them being, ‘The Forged Origins of Christianity’, ‘Ancient Cities Under the Sands of Giza’, The Criminal History of the Papacy, ‘Celestial Prophecies and the Great Pyramid’, and Shambhala, the Valley of the Immortals.

    With strong spiritual beliefs and an interest in metaphysical subjects, Tony developed a long and on-going relationship with many associations and societies throughout the world. He has been given access to several private libraries and, in one instance he actually lived for some time in an archival library that housed a collection of monastic documents more than 1000 years old. An elderly lady in London kindly offered him access to her vast private collection of ancient Bibles (763 in total) and other rare religious texts, and Tony was then able to identify the differences in the wording between old Bibles and newer versions. The development of his series of published books involved him in 30 years of full-time research and a substantial personal investment. Being fiercely tenacious, he was able to peel back the layers of ignorance, deception, superstition, and fear that surrounded the creation of particularly the Christian Gospels and the Vatican’s centuries of brutal enforcement of unsupported ‘truths’ that emanate from them.

    Tony travelled extensively through Egypt, the Middle East, England, Wales, Scotland, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, and synchronicities allowed opportunities to come to him during this period. For example, an official written ‘Introduction’ signed by an Australian Prime Minister opened doors overseas for him with the trustees of a large European museum subsequently allowing him exclusive access to rare biblical manuscripts in their archival library. While living in Cairo, Tony spent time researching age-old papyri scrolls in the Rare Manuscripts Room in Egypt’s Alexandrian Library where he was provided with a translator to assist him in deciphering a rare collection of ancient sacred Temple texts at least 4000 years old. He was also privileged to explore subterranean chambers and sculptured temples under the sands of Giza that are denied to the general public and around that time, he was shown a series of top-secret photographs taken under the Giza Plateau in 1935 that would require a total re-assessment of world history if they were ever released to the public.

    His first book, The Bible Fraud was a great success and it became curricular reading in American universities and Enlightenment centres. A sequel to that edition is currently being prepared, and it brings forth new information about Christian origins from little-known Welsh bardic records that date back to the 6th Century. Tony’s second book, The Secret in the Bible, is currently enjoying its third reprint, and is being developed into an international one-hour television documentary. His other books, The Crucifixion of Truth, The Twin Deception, The Papal Billions and now The Christ Scandal are following similar paths, and new incoming information has now formed the basis of several additional books now nearing completion. With the help of a disillusioned Vatican insider who says that he can no longer endorse the ‘disinformation’ that is packaged and presented by the Holy See to the world’s media, Tony was handed internal Vatican documents that reveal some dark secrets about the late Pope John Paul II, and this information is the subject of an upcoming book.

    During the period of his life when he was researching and publishing magazines, he became captivated with the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences and over the years he interviewed over 600 people worldwide who relayed to him their experiences after a close brush with death. Tony subsequently released a book called Glimpses of Life Beyond Death that is currently being re-developed and expanded, and is soon to be published as an ebook under the title, ‘What I Saw in Heaven’. This new edition is filled with true stories of people’s encounters with the Afterlife and it has been compiled from Tony's large collection of interview notes and incoming correspondences from around the world.

    Tony vigorously protects his private life, and regularly travels abroad, researching and preparing manuscripts to follow his current books. In these endeavours, he is constantly seeking new evidence about the Truth of the past, and incessantly gathers together provocative information that challenges the basis of our core beliefs. In general, he has developed a specialism in a non-orthodox approach to Christianity and Egyptology, and adopts the attitude that ‘regardless of how many people may be disturbed, there are no religions superior to historic Truth’.

  • David Jones

    David Jones is the editor of New Dawn magazine. New Dawn is committed to providing you with straightforward reporting and analysis of behind the scenes events. Offering challenging perspectives on world affairs and global trends. New Dawn also explores new ideas and ancient beliefs, while encouraging greater awareness and critical thinking. Each thought-provoking issue examines the hidden dimension of culture, history and religion in a non-dogmatic manner. Our website is www.newdawnmagazine.com


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