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Hollywood Dracula versus historical Dracula

Andrew Carlssin, the alleged time-traveler and insider-trader, has surfaced in Toronto, Canada.
Still photograph of "Underworld", starring Kate Beckinsale as a Twenty-First century vampire.

The sultan dispatched a third army 250,000 strong to put an end to Vlad the Impaler. The Turkish army was bigger than the whole population of Wallachia, women and children inclusive. Dracula had 40,000 soldiers. He kept his army away from large-scale fighting and used guerilla war tactics. Dracula and his old guard, dressed in Turkish uniforms, would normally raid the enemy camp at night torching tents and killing everybody in sight. His comrades and he would always escaped unhurt taking advantage of panic and commotion that usually followed their attacks.

Vlad II was finally defeated by the Turks during a fourth invasion of the Ottoman Empire against Wallachia. Everybody betrayed him in the end. All those mercenaries from Transylvania, Moldavians who failed to send reinforcements. Even his brother Radu joined the Turkish army. The Wallachian prince was captured by the Hungarian king Matias and thrown into a dungeon.

“It is obvious that Russian chroniclers show more benevolence to Dracula in their writings as opposed to documents penned by Germans or Turks,” said Profesor Bodnaryuk. Wallachia and Grand Duchy of Muscovy exchanged diplomatic missions that were largely composed of Orthodox priests. The Russian czar Ivan III was flattered to receive letters in Church Slavic penned personally by the Wallachian prince Vlad II. According to Russian diplomat Fedor Kuritsyn, Dracula spent many years in the dungeon. He reportedly refused to convert to Catholicism despite King Matias' numerous offers which included freedom, reinstallation to power, and Matias' cousin as a bride. Vlad II was eventually set free by King Matias. The Russian chronicler suggested that Dracula had converted to Catholicism in return to his freedom. However, the latest studies show that Vlad II never betrayed his orthodoxy. King Matias released Dracula for practical reasons only. Dracula was an archenemy of Islam and Matias wanted to be the man who caught the hare while the other man beat the bush.

Dracula died one year later, on January 2nd, 1477. He was 46. Vlad the Impaler fell victim to his own disguise. After battling with the Turks one night, he was surrounded by his own soldiers who killed him because he was wearing a Turkish garment.

“The ruler of Wallachia became the most popular character of his time, many mysteries pertaining to his deeds and misdeeds are still unraveled,” said Stephan Puric, head of history department at one of the Romanian universities. He believes many people are deliberately putting a spin on the truth about Dracula. According to Mr. Puric, even some museums in Romania are packed with “vampiric” paraphernalia meant to please the hordes of tourists from the U.S. and Western Europe. Those tourists never read any history books but they saw some Hollywood movies about Dracula. Moreover, Satanists and members of other sects arrive in large numbers to pay homage to their “spiritual father.” In actuality, Dracula was an avid Christian Orthodox who built churches and monasteries. Turkish and German histories highlight Dracula's sinister traits, they tend to pour more mysticism into the story of his life. On the other hand, Romanian historians do a bit of whitewashing. Indeed, the ruler of a small country put up strong opposition to the Islamic military expansion on the outskirts of Christendom. The Romanian nation survived and maintained its Christian Orthodox belief mostly because of Vlad II. Meanwhile, the Romanians often play down his horrendous crimes.

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