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Interview with Mrs. Betty Andreasson - Luca
on the 40th Anniversary of the South Ashburnham 1967 Incident

by Piotr Cielebiaś

Posted: 12:30 January 23, 2007

Betty Andreasson Luca is one of the few to speak out publicly about her close encounter experience.

The following is an interview conducted by Piotr Cielebias [of Polish UFO group NPN and UFODIGEST] with an abductee Betty Andreasson Luca on the 40th anniversary of South Ashburnham 1967 incident.

PC: Dear Mrs. Betty, it is a honor for us to ask you certain questions about the incredible story of your life on the 40th of anniversary of your famous abduction. We would like to learn how you personally regard this famous experience that made your abduction one of the most noteworthy cases in the history of UFOlogy.

BAL: I believe all UFO life experiences create opportunities to help others face their fears, learn to cope, and open the heart to understand the Unknown. A greater unseen reality surrounds all, where discovery, exposure, and acceptance integrates the mysterious phenomenon that silently preoccupies our space, as part of our ingrained heritage, that ultimately leads to personal, and spiritual development. UFOlogical facts of the phenomenon, gain momentum, as mankind comprehends the eminent course established for him since the beginning of time. And I personally consider it to be a question of faith.

PC: Did that day (in 1967) seem to be an ordinary one? Do you remember it very well?

BAL: Yes, I recall it well. It was not an ordinary day, because family life was different then usual. In order to help, my parents were staying with me and my seven children, while my (now ex-} husband was hospitalized for weeks from a car accident, in the distant city of Worcester. Earlier that day the yard had patches of snow on the ground, and mist permeated the area from an early January thaw. As evening approached, the lights in the house went out, eerie silence covered our house, and a pulsing reddish-orange light streamed through the smaller pantry window. And my 1967 encounter began.

PC: What was the first thought when you noticed that something was going on? What was the first impression when you spotted the most unusual visitors you could ever have imagined: fear, curiosity, panic or something other?

BAL: My first thought something was happening, was from the orange pulsing lights. And I quickly ushered my children and mother into the living room trying to keep them quiet. As the only man and protector in the house, my father, (which I was not aware), had rushed to the other hidden window in the pantry to check the situation of what was going on. After quickly quieting the children's excitement, I returned to the kitchen area, and was astonished to see five unusual forms coming through the wooden closed door! Because of that awesome ability to do so, I immediately thought of Gods words, "entertain the stranger for it may be angels unaware". Although their appearance did not look like any angels I had ever conceived from popular angelic descriptions, there was a feeling of love present, which took away any apprehension associated with their peculiar appearance.

PC: What was the meaning of the notion "UFO" before and after the incident? Were you interested in the phenomena before the occurrence? Have you got any memories concerning your earlier encounters in that time?

BAL: At the time I had no knowledge of what UFOs were. There was a large house to clean, laundry, dishes, and meals for nine people to prepare, and take care of. My time was filled with family, shopping, reading the bible any chance I got, and discussing scriptures with my sister. It was later that I happen to read a story written by Von Daniken, about a UFO, and thought maybe those odd looking angels I'd experienced coming into my home, might have something to do with what he was referring to. So I wrote to Von Daniken about his story, which went through the magazine called "The Enquirer" and I described the red light and strange visitors to him. In turn "The Enquirer" must have read it instead, and then sent my letter back, stamped with red letters "UFO"! That was that. Then a few years past and I happened to read a small, local newspaper, and came across an article by a Dr. Hynek that was requesting any information of UFO sightings to please send the information to him. At the time my conscious recall did not remember seeing any kind of craft except for reddish orange pulsating lights in my pantry window, and the odd looking angels brief visit. So I sent him that information, and was relieved that he might know what happened to me back then. I had no knowledge of UFOs except for those two incidents. Dr. Hynek filed away my letter for two years until a Massachusetts team of investigators asked if he had any humanoid cases they could investigate. That's when he sent them my letter. As for associated memories of childhood encounters, the only conscious memory of something unusual was getting bit by a bee, seeing the moon growing larger in size, and my animal trap missing from where I had set it up. I had no idea these little, insignificant experiences were connected to such phenomena. It was years later that the release of subconscious UFO memories was recovered through subliminal hypnosis.

PC: Can you disclose for us some details of your early encounters with Alien beings? How many types of them you have encountered? What can you say about them?

BAL: The earliest encounter was when I was seven years old. While waiting for a girl friend to come play dolls, a small ball of light zipped into the play hut, zipped around my head and landed between my eyes. I fell to sleep and heard voices talking about me. They said, "The wee little one is coming along fine. After I awoke I thought a bee had bit me and could not remember anything else concerning this experience until many years later. The next was at twelve years old. I was a tomboy and loved the woods. I planted a trap next to a hole beneath some mountain laurel on the hill. And when I went to check it the next day it was gone and a small Grey being came out of the hole, touched a button on his uniform and a tiny ball of light shot outward hitting me on the forehead between the eyes, and I fell backwards to the ground. I was reprimanded for trying to trap an animal, and I heard them say she's not ready yet! The next year at thirteen, it was daytime, and I was walking up some steps that led to the field and woods. I looked toward the right and noticed the moon was still out and was getting bigger and bigger gliding toward me. The next thing I knew I was in a well-lit room where small Grey beings dressed in white said they were taking me home to see the One. All the details can be reviewed in the second book "The Andreasson Affair Phase Two" concerning these encounters. I've encountered several types of beings, there were Greys, tall white haired Elders, and very small beings similar to the body shape of grays, and some red large eyed creatures.

PC: The next question concerns one of the most stunning parts of 1967 incident, i.e. the "Blue Book". You went in possession of their immense knowledge for some time or maybe for all the life. Can you say to us what it contains and what happened with it?

BAL: I was allowed to keep the thin blue book of initiations for ten days. I was not supposed to let any one see it. But my eleven year old daughter Becky after the 1967 encounter kept having a dream two days in a row, of the Grey Beings being in our home. The Beings had taken her out of a suspended animation briefly, which the rest of the family was in; to show me they were all okay. I thought it necessary to show her the book so she would not be fearful of what had happened. When she touched the cover her hand sparkled with tiny specks of light. I told her Jesus and his angels were involved with it and she was not to tell any one about the book. Because I showed her, the book disappeared after nine days had passed. The first three thin pages were bright, white, glowing light. There were illustrations of machinery, numbers, unusual symbols, writings, through out the forty very, thin fine pages. Later I received through telecommunications from them, further writings, formulas, symbols, and sort of poems from five stations back. Which are in two booklets, "A Step Beyond Tomorrow" that I have put together.

PC: You're a very religious person. Does your faith help you to endure the whole incident? How did you feel as an object of public interest and curiosity? What was the reaction of your family and friends?

BAL: Yes, I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I think I am more spiritual, then religious. I pray and talk to the Lord. And believe practiced religion using rituals don't often come from the heart, nor does the act allow the presence, of a spiritual joy, that proceeds from a simple, personal fellowship within Gods Grace. I don't attend or belong to any particular church, but I am Christian. I read and study my bible and other biblical books, gave my heart to the Lord at sixteen, and have been baptized in water and the Holy Ghost. So I think I can safely admit, I am more spiritual than religious. Believing and having faith in the Savior that He knows what is needed in my life has helped me to accept what I have experienced. Being in the public eye, and having to talk about myself has been more difficult than my encounters. It is impossible and unhealthy to disconnect or separate from what has happened to me in my life, because I'd be denying an integral part of my existence. And although I had support from my family, they sometime feared for my safety and were afraid of the UFO phenomenon.

PC: Encounters with those beings undoubtedly changed your life, but what is your personal attitude to it? What was the aim of their appearance in your life and explanation of these events?

BAL: Again, I believe it is part of my faith at work. Loving God has drawn me into the spiritual world of Light. The Word says God is Spirit. He says fear not, for I am with thee. Would He not send His messengers to communicate and reveal mysteries that pertain to all of us? We should all connect with the Father concerning His Will.

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