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Experimental Craft or Sci-Fi Creation
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: January 26, 2007

  Click on 'ZOOM' for larger untouched original photograph.

Photo has been enlarged and enhanced to best show the object.

Photo of 'Stargate Atlantis" jumper, a vehicle used for spaceflight.

Two snowmobiles are also present in the above photograph..
It's a UFO in Iceland, just kidding. That's how a UFO Digest reader described this photo that he sent in.

The photograph above could hold the startling proof of super secret vehicles that the governments of the world are building. It was apparently taken on March 29, 2003 at a place called Lyngdalsheidi in Iceland.

As you can tell by the photo it was taken from a moving car and appears to show a ultra-modern flying vehicle.

I can't confirm if the photo is fake or genuine. My examinations of the pixels lead me to believe the photo is authentic.

The photo was taken by a gentleman, 40-years old, who wishes to remain annonymous. It was taken during the day but the exact time is unknown.

Original photo can be found at http://jong.la.is/sk1mynd.htm.

Once again it is claimed that the photographer did not see the flying object at the time the photo was taken.

As we all can see the vehicle or craft doesn't appear to have any wings, jets, propellers or other obvious propulsion system. Could this craft be using an anti-gravity propulsion system? This would appear to be the case. Also, the craft also doesn't have wheels. It does however apparently have a windshield and ports under and along side the object.

Honestly, the craft appears to be right out of science fiction, especially today's television series.Similar flying craft are seen in the popular series: Battlestar Galactica and Stargate: SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

The middle photo on the right is taken from the Stargate Atlantis series. I couldn't find the example I was looking for but I think the object closely resembles a vehicle used in the Battlestar Galactica series.

Iceland is a very strange and magical place. You may want to read some of our articles about Iceland:

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Update: February 6, 2007

Above is a copy of the Iceland photo with an enlargement that shows that the UFO image was inserted at a later date. Using Genuine Fractals, I enlarged the image 150 percent. Genuine Fractals allows enlargement without an increase in pixel distortion. It was immediately obvious that the UFO was pasted in and that the hoaxer had used both the smudge and rubber stamp tools in Photoshop to blend the image into the background. You can clearly see the editing artifacts around the UFO. I darkened the image slightly to bring out the artifacts. Aside from enlarging and darkening, I did nothing else to the image.

The image itself looks like a small hand-vacuum cleaner with the hose intake on the right side of the image.

I have a number of photos I've taken that show what look like "orb" ufo's, but are really lens artifacts. I've given some thought to writing an article on the subject. I also have one possible orb photo that is not a lens artifact and one amazing photo taken in Imperial County California that show either a military jet breaking the sound barrier, or a UFO creating or coming out of a vortex. If any of these interest you, I'd be glad to forward them with explanations

Jeff Paris

Update: January 31, 2007

I've been studying the photo for some time. I'm not an expert in photo analysis but have sort of hung it on my wall to view from time to time, see it there's something I may have missed. Just the dark black patches alone are common to the more believable photos of craft, not something I would think many hoaxers would think to include.

The direction of travel, as with many other non-seen at time picture was taken pictures, tell me the shutter speed caught what the human eye couldn't and the craft was moving directly toward the lens or directly away so no blurred motion could be captured. The crack in the vehicle windows looks like a crack in the window, and the shot of the unexpected craft sits in the foreground well.

A few months ago, I tried through various sources there, attempted to locate the person who had taken the photo without success to this point.

All in all I do not believe it's a fake. I would be interested in learning about any further info on this report should become available. Likewise I will send you anything I come upon elsewhere.


Update: January 27, 2007

I can’t help but wonder if what we are seeing is an artifact from what looks like to me is the already cracked / damaged windshield. Note the long fracture near the bottom of the windshield that runs across it. Could this be a large ding as well on the upper portion of it? You’ll note that the crack too – almost looks like a wire or something that’s outside the car rather than part of it – which lends credence to the idea maybe the alleged UFO is a windshield anamole.


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