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Stephen Piperno is the author of, “Is Life Worth It? Sex, Money and Power from a Psychics Point of View.” Psychic Stephen Piperno is a full time psychic and writer. His articles have also been featured on popular websites such as:,, American and other websites. He has conducted nearly 27,000 psychic readings worldwide and is considered a top expert psychic in his field. Visit his website at and his book page. Email Stephen Piperno.

The Spiritual Power behind Donald Trump’s Money
by Stephen Piperno

Posted: 00:01 January 1, 2007

Donald Trump was given money by his father.
However, he did not follow into the same fate as the prodigal son.
Donald Trump invested his money wisely and he even took chances on some
real estate projects that most real estate investors turned down.

Donald Trump is a powerful man in the United States and around the world. Millions of people watch his hit television show, “The Apprentice” weekly. He is worth many billions of dollars and is considered to be a top real estate investor worldwide. If you have never heard of Donald Trump before, then perhaps you may want to look at the October issue of Forbes magazine. Donald Trump is on the front cover.

The media, talk shows and other big businesses are always looking to talk to Donald Trump. All that you have to do is mention the name Donald Trump and the first thought that comes to your mind is: money, success and power. What kind of spiritual power is working behind him metaphysically? Does spirituality have anything to do with his success? Is it all just about brains and luck or is there more to the story?

Since the beginning of time, people have always had to have something to swap in order to get a trade in return. Before money was around, there was such a thing as a bartering system. If you wanted to have a piece of meat and you didn’t want to go out hunting for it, perhaps you would look for a hunter that already had meat and swap something of yours for it.

Even before money was invented, people use to ask God for a blessing for their crops to grow and if you were a hunter, you would ask God to give you the “catch of the day.” Nearly every faith worldwide teaches about the blessing. If you have more blessings, then God is said to have more favor for you. If you are poor and have nothing, then you may be looked upon as not in favor of God’s materialistic blessing.

If you watch a modern day Christian televangelist speak, such as Joel Osteen, you will notice that he is constantly speaking to his congregation about the blessings of God. He does not just focus on money. On a recent interview with Barbara Walters that aired on Friday December 22, 2006, he told her that health, happiness and money were all part of the spiritual blessing.

The Jewish faith teaches that tithing to God 10% of all of your wealth will allow God to bless you financially. Your closets will be full of enough “stuff” to keep you satisfied. Biblical characters such as Abraham and Job were blessed financially and were considered rich by today’s standards. Both of them tithed to God and gave their inheritances to their children.

Many Atheists believe that hard work, discipline and education can lead someone to wealth. They do not believe in the existence of God nor of his material blessings. Many atheists believe that you cannot depend on “a God” for your materialistic growth. It is entirely up to you.

As you can see, the religions of the world teach that money is given into your hands in many different ways. Sometimes you receive it because you inherited it and other times you receive it because you worked hard to obtain it.

Let us draw our attention to the story of the prodigal son. The prodigal son was given an inheritance by his father and his brother was given one also. The prodigal son went out and partied with his money and spent it all. He had nothing left and eventually had to eat from the feed of animals. In today’s standards, this probably would have been millions of dollars that he could have saved and spent wisely. His brother on the other hand saved his money and did not loose it. The difference here is that just because someone is given money does not mean that they are guaranteeing themselves to make more money because of it.

Donald Trump was given money by his father. However, he did not follow into the same fate as the prodigal son. Donald Trump invested his money wisely and he even took chances on some real estate projects that most real estate investors turned down. Something spiritual was behind him because these projects could have failed miserably and he may have lost out on his money. He instead was blessed many times over.

Donald Trump has always been known to be very charitable. Much of his giving is also done in secret. The New Testament teaches that we should give money to others in secret and not boast about it. It is said that your eternal reward is given to you in heaven. I do not know what religious background Donald Trump is, but I can tell you that something powerful is working behind him.

Like King Solomon, everything that Donald Trump touches, turns to gold. Even his hit television show, “The Apprentice” is loved by millions of people worldwide. This cannot be staged in any way. Nobody can force someone to watch The Apprentice. If you watch The Apprentice television show, then it is probably because you like it. In return, Donald Trump gets to stay on the air and his ratings go up. This is also a blessing.

Besides having lots of money and power, he seems to continue to increase in his popularity. We have many young entrepreneurs that want to be just like him. People literally love Donald Trump.

Donald Trump does not have to give any money away if he doesn’t want to. He is rich. He is so wealthy that he can literally never have to work again. However, he chooses to still contribute to society and work everyday. What is the working force behind Donald Trump? Why does he touch something and it succeeds and many others touch something and they fail over and over again? It is just not about his high level of education. It is about who he is as a person.

Let us look at the general character of Donald Trump. He is an incredible leader and CEO. He is fair to his workers and demands respect. If you cross him, you may indeed hear him say, “Your Fired.” Many employees of Donald Trump will tell you that it is an honor and a privilege to work for him. You will not find a more successful real estate investor than Donald Trump.

The spirit of any religion is said to work behind someone because they are pleasing God in such a way. Many religions do teach that a financial blessing is not always the direct result of God’s hand either. The Christian faith often teaches that a non-Christian that is blessed financially does not receive their financial blessing from God, but from the ”evil one.” It is hard to say who is of the devil and who is of God because all of the faiths teach something different.

It seems as though, when Donald Trump donates his money to a charity or gives some of his money away to help someone, something good happens to him. His friends and people that know him often say on television that he is not the person that he appears to be on television. Most people that know him personally have stated on television that he is kind, loving and very giving. He has a somewhat tough appearance on television though and he appears to be more of a fighter.

The spiritual power behind Donald Trump is this: He is blessed with wisdom. Wisdom is something that can be learned in college and out of college. Many religions teach that only God can give this to you. It is acknowledging how to make the correct decision at the time that you are supposed to make it. Donald Trump seems to know where to put his money to make more of it. He knows what to say on he Apprentice show and he knows who to donate his money to. A person that is blessed with wisdom is said to have been given this blessing so that they could influence the lives of others and to have a good life. If Donald Trump did not have wisdom, then perhaps he would have lost all of his money like the prodigal son did.

Donald Trumps money does not only go to him. It actually goes to people that are in need. He builds beautiful buildings so that people can live in them. Having a place to live is something that everyone needs. He is also building for future generations. He has many friends that love him dearly and he has a lot of care in everything that he does. Donald Trump makes moves to benefit him and others.

Caring and loving others is something that all religions teach. It is said to please God and humanity. The working power behind Trump is not just his money, it is more of the character and the man that he is. It is important to not pass judgment on “The Donald.”

It may be easy to do if you only know him as a television personality. You have to look at those that are around him that love and respect him. Most of all, you have to look at his material blessings and the fact that he is mentally fit.

You may say that he is loved and respected just because people are after his money. However there are many millionaires in the world that are not respected or loved by their friends. Just drive around any wealthy community of people and you will see that there are those that are despised and others that are loved. Donald Trump is known to give second chances and is considered to be a fair man in the business world. That says a lot about his spiritual power.

Whether or not you believe in spirituality, you must admit that something in Donald Trump just lights up a room. Some people love to joke around about his hair or the way that he fires people. However, you always see a flare in someone’s eyes when you mention the name Donald Trump. People love to talk about him and it says that we are all spiritually connected to him in some sort of way.

I believe that much of what Donald Trump donates is in secret. Blessings are said to come to you when you do something for God in secret. If he told everyone how much he gives all of the time, then perhaps he would not be blessed for giving it away. Perhaps he knows a secret that most of us have only read about, but may not have practiced it in such a large degree.

Not everyone that gets money retains it. Many lottery winners have blown their millions away on foolish things such as: fancy homes, cars, jewelry and just giving it all away. There is no wisdom in that.

Wisdom comes by knowing when to spend your money and how long to hold onto it. There is one thing that you cannot argue about Donald Trump, he has great wisdom. He knows how to invest his money. It is hard to say how he obtained his wisdom, but whatever force or power he is working with, seems to give him more because of it. Donald Trump is powerful and extremely influential in the 21st century.

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