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3 Issues in UFOlogy
(Essential to achieve a Paradigm Shift)
by James C. Horak

(Copyright 2008, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 13:05 January 27, 2007

There exist today 3 issues that could broaden the frame of reference for discussions in UFOlogy. Recognizing their significance is of primary importance to advancing focus and any achievable methodology involving cooperation.

The Brazilian event on the remote Amazonian island of Colares has astounding overtones if given any context at all. Its duration, its physical effects on many inhabitants, its study by a select group of the Brazilian military while it was ongoing, and the revelations imparted of the details taken (with drawings) by its leader, give it more value as an event than even that of Roswell. Not to mention an actual contact with an alien and a message given was reported.

The Colares UFO, Brazil 1977

The main feature of this experience is unique, however, it is not singular. The behavior of the UFOs (and the operators involved) from the 1940s through the 1970s was undeniably one of investigating, in a most preliminary manner, mankind on this planet. Both their extent and thoroughness infer, for the first time, a worldwide human surveillance, observation and manipulation program by an alien presence.

Hence, it is suggested that these are aliens are from worlds other than those we've experienced before. With this indication of a multiplicity of origins, let us reconsider the behavior of the Comet Schumacher/Levy (or rather, fragments thereof.)

It was assumed to have been a comet solely on the basis that comets still convey some mystery and this "supposed" comet conveyed far more than mystery. When reports of observations of it were reviewed, it appeared as if it had been under intelligent guidance.

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