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Morgellons Disease:
"Do we have a 17th century plague or a new one?"

by Jon Christian Ryter

(Copyright 2008, Jon Christian Ryter - All Rights Reserved)

Carol Doe, also a New Yorker (and also an alias), managed employee communications for a Fortune 100 company until she got Morgellons. Where she used to spend hours each week negotiating multi-million dollar contracts, she now has trouble writing a simple statement-which could take a whole day or longer to complete. Now she has trouble getting out of bed before noon. She no longer drives-and no longer invites friends into their home-and no longer allows her husband to share their marital bed, fearful that she will pass her horrible disease on to him or onto family and friends. In 2006 a doctor diagnosed her with what he said was a Lyme-related called Morgellons Disease.

Pam Winkler of Bel Air, Maryland was a content suburban housewife. She had two beautiful children and a bright future until she contracted this strange new disease that some people called the 'fiber disease.". When Morgellons struck, the doctors told her it was her imagination. Because everyone insisted it was in her mind, Winkler ultimately ended up in the psychiatric ward against her will-and also ended up on antipsychotic medication against her will. In the end, her husband divorced her and she lost custody of her children. Seeking relief from the pain and constant itching, she sampled cocaine and found it offered relief. Today she in confined in a mental hospital in North Carolina. Her body is covered with lesions from the disease and, according to Winkler, she blows black fibers and specks from her nose. The doctors at the hospital believe the lesions are self-inflicted.

While the medical community is skeptical that Morgellons is a real medical problem, thousands of those afflicted with the disease have flooded Congress with letters, three of the Presidential candidates-Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain pressured the Centers for Disease Control to investigate the disease. As a result of that pressure, the CDC agreed, on Jan. 17, 2008, to dedicate a million dollars per year for two years for an epidemiological study on what the CDC termed "an unexplained dermopathy which, they said, was no affecting about 2,000 people per year. While the Foundation claims 7,000 people have registered with the Morgellons Research Foundation, the CDC noted that their investigation has established that about 11,000 families in the United States and around the world are afflicted with this strange, undefined disease.

Jon Christian Ryter

Editor's Note:

UFO Digest would like to thank author and journalist, Jon Christian Ryter, for shedding new light on this disturbing illness and sharing this important message with our readers. It is important for all of us to be aware of the peril that Morgellons poses to the individual and to public safety. We must all bring pressure to bear on our governments and medical institutions to accelerate research and develop therapies to check this affliction…"in time." RDM*

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