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A Hidden Alien Base?
by Carlosox

Posted: 12:05 February 6 2007

An UFO Over Indonesia

I worked only for a short time on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. It was however a period full of excitement and adventure. As I've mentioned before, I worked in an area south of Lake Toba. The terrain here was rather hilly and interspersed with parcels of flat land. Rapid flowing streams criss-crossed this area, and where roads crossed these streams, the local men used to bath stark naked in these streams in the middle of the day, completely oblivious to the gawking public that watched them from above. The rainfall in this area was something to behold. The word torrential could hardly describe the intensity with which it came down. The drops were as large as marbles, and visibility was sometimes reduced to a mere three meters. The ground became quickly saturated after such a downpour, and I've seen half a hillside slide into the valley below after a rainfall.

The locals who inhabited this area mainly belonged to of the Batak tribes. They were mostly Christians, although migration from other parts of Indonesia to this area meant that the Muslim population was on the rise in this area all the time. Grog shops and men gambling by the roadside in purpose built sheds were a common sight here - something we would never find in a wholly Muslim location. Something that pleased me very much was to see how Christians and Muslims here lived in perfect harmony. In fact, they went one step further in that when a Christian man married a Muslim woman, the children were free to decide to which religion they wanted to belong to. Thus in such a family, we would find some children practising the Muslim faith, while the others were Christians. This was a great advantage, as the Bataks loved more than anything else, to party. A 'mixed 'family could therefore celebrate all the festivals of the Christians as well as the Muslims. This is the only place I've seen where religious acceptance and tolerance was actively practised.

As mentioned above, the terrain in this area was rather hilly. My 4x4 could be coasting downhill one instant, only to struggling uphill the next. The scenery in this area was simply breathtaking. From a hilltop, one could see all around the true magnificence of tropical rainforests. The sounds that emanated from these forests were also magical. The shrill cry of the cicadas, mixed with the countless sounds of other unseen insects formed a backdrop against which we occasionally heard the astoundingly beautiful call of a Howler monkey or the grunt of a wild boar, or the barking of a Sambar deer. As I was extremely interested in nature, this place seemed heaven sent for me. The populace too were so easy going, that I seriously contemplated working here for the rest of my life. Little did I realise that this reverie of mine would be shattered in a most unlikely manner.

The plantation had acquired a rather lage hill as part of its expansion program. This hill was surrounded on three sides by larger hills, which were wooded and had extremely steep slopes. Thus a valley ran all around our new hill and the wooded ones. The company recruited contractors to fell the trees on our hill and terrace it in order to plant rubber trees. I was assigned the duty of ensuring that a rubber tree sapling was planted at every planting point (planting contractors would only often plant up the top terraces and leave the very bottom ones unplanted. Plantation executives were often lax in checking to see if these bottom terraces had been planted up, as it involved jumping down terrace after terrace for twenty terraces or more and then climbing back up again after the checking was done.

After the planting contractor reported to me one day that the planting of this hill had been completed, I went out the next day around noon with my driver to check if the work had been properly carried out.

We reached the hill after a long drive (as it was situated at the edge of the plantation). I immediately descended to the bottom most terrace, while my vehicle and my driver stayed on the road on top of the hill. I was pleased to notice that the contractor had done a good job- every single planting point had been planted with a seedling in an acceptable manner. As I was at the base of the hill, the base of the adjacent wooded hill opposite me was only about a hundred meters away. I suddenly caught sight of a movement on the opposite hill. I decided to look more carefully as to what caused the movement. Everything seemed quiet and peaceful as I peered through the trunks of the trees on the opposite hill.

Then, without warning, something black streaked across the bottom of the hill opposite. It moved from my left to my right. I followed its movement keenly with my eyes, and tried to determine what it was. It appeared to be like a very large monkey: as tall as an average human. It was black from head to toe. The most surprising feature of this animal besides its height however was its tail. It was at least three meters long, far longer than any monkey's tail I'd seen, and it trailed behind the monkey. The animal ran so fast, that it disappeared from sight in about fifteen seconds. It was while I was wondering what the animal was that I heard the sound.

From a short distance forward from where the animal disappeared, I heard the deafening sound of metal clashing. It sounded as if a very heavy metal door was banged shut with considerable force. The sound was so loud, that the air around me reverberated with the sound for a few seconds. I stood stunned for a while; then recovering my senses, I raced up the hill to where my vehicle was parked. When I reached my vehicle, panting for breath, my driver, looking as pale as a ghost asked me, "What was it sir, what was that sound?" I bounded into the vehicle without answering him and told him to drive like hell away from there. After my driver had driven for about half an hour at break neck speed, during which time I kept looking nervously behind, I told him to slow down. "Did you hear the sound too?" I then asked him. He nodded his head. "What did it sound like to you?" I continued. "It sounded like a heavy metal plate being thrown on top of another heavy metal plate", he replied. We kept silent till we reached the office.

The hill where I heard the sound was in the middle of nowhere. For a ten-kilometre radius round the hill, there wasn't a single building, not even a worker's hut, let alone a factory or metal works. There had to be a connection between the animal I saw and the sound, I thought. It was almost immediately after the disappearance of the animal, and in the general direction it was running to that the sound came from. As I pondered on this incident over the next few days, a picture began to emerge.

I lived in Perth, Australia for about a year before I re-located to Malaysia/Indonesia. While in Perth, I fell into acquaintance with a group of men who called themselves 'The UFO chasers.' It was a small group of hard drinking hard driving men, and what they lacked in numbers, they made up by their dedication.

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