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A Warning By Aliens
by Carlosox

Posted: 14:43 February 7, 2007

A Warning By Aliens

I stayed in Perth, Australia for a short time in the early 90s. Life was pleasant in Perth. I made friends quickly, and weekends were something to look forward to,when several of us would meet and have a BBQ or just sit around and chat for hours over ice cold beers. It was during one of these sessions that the subject turned to UFOs. A close friend who is a teacher, told us this fascinating story about UFOs and aliens. He is a simple, straight talking man who would rather die than tell a lie. I consider his story as being absolutely true.

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Alex (not his true name) was in his mid thirties when this incident occurred. He lived in a rented house in Perth close to his aged mother's home. Alex visited his mother almost everyday to check if everything was O.K. with her. I met his mother just before she passed away. She was one of the sweetest ladies I had ever met - kind and showing great consideration for others; characteristics which had obviously rubbed off onto Alex. I met her with my family, and she was absolutely fascinated by the batik shirts my children wore. "What beauty, what color "she kept saying as she examined my children's shirts. She grew up in a rural town in Australia, and it was probably the first time she had ever seen batik.

Alex had an elder brother who lived in a small town called Geraldton. It was a few hours drive north of Perth. Alex's brother was a businessman, married and with children. He made a trip to Perth at least once a month to break the monotony of living in a small rural town. He dumped his children with Alex on reaching Perth and went out with his wife to the city to shop compulsively. Alex, the long suffering younger brother he was, would be stuck with three hyper active kids for the whole weekend, who would run him completely ragged. Alex's brother,(let's call him Peter),besides shopping for clothes and household goods in Perth, would also end up buying stuff like hat stands and trinkets which he considered as antiques. "You'll never know how much these will cost in twenty years time," he would announce with dignity, if someone questioned him about wasting money on these items.

It was on one of these trips to Perth that Peter met with an UFO. As usual, Peter and his family had arrived at Alex's place on a Friday afternoon. Peter and his wife went out shopping on Saturday while Alex looked after his kids. Peter decided to return to Geraldton on Saturday night, as there was a one day fair in Geraldton on Sunday, which his kids badly wanted to attend. Peter had to deal with other business matters after the shopping spree, and it was already late when they started for Geraldton. Peter was not worried by this however, as the country roads in Australia are relatively traffic free at night, and except for the occasional kangaroo crossing the road, the roads were relatively safe.

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