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The Aldebaran Mystery:
The Nazi/ET UFO Connection

by Jim Nichols
(Copyright 2008, Jim Nichols - All Rights Reserved)

Upon studying these otherworldly, esoteric designs, Dr. W. O. Schumman and his associates from the University of Munich realized the channeling actually contained viable physics, and over the ensuing years construction was initiated to make this flying machine a reality. By 1922 development of a working prototype was underway.

Meanwhile, Germany saw the inception of the National Socialist Party and Adolph Hitler's rise to power, fueled in part by the utopian visions of a new world order inspired by the Thule and Vril Societies. By 1934, the first manned test flight of the RFZ-1 took place. However, the results were less than auspicious. Flown by intrepid World War I ace, Lothar Waiz, the craft wobbled to altitude of 60 meters and upon landing, the pilot, managed to escape from the craft just in time before it spun out of control, ripping to pieces like a drunken top.

Before the end of that year a much-improved version, the five meter RFZ-2, was test flown successfully and eventually flying disc development was taken over by Division SS E-IV of the Nazi military. The fundamental physics were as simple as a child's spinning gyroscope-circular discs spun in counter-rotation create an anti-gravity effect; an effect as timeless as that described by the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel and his 'fiery chariot'-"a wheel within a wheel. " Had he been witness to a flying machine from Aldebaran?

Contrary to his professed aim to create a world of cosmic harmony, Hitler sent his Panzer tanks and infantry into Poland in 1939, thus precipitating the altogether destructive Second World War. And despite the fact that he also outlawed all secret societies in Germany, the Thule and Vril Gesellschafts maintained their autonomy, and development of Vril levitating saucer craft continued, despite funding competition from conventional Luftwaffe war-production imperatives.

Aero-Technical Unit V-7 designed a number of hybrid saucers that combined both exotic anti-gravity and conventional turbojet propulsion systems, creating vertical lift craft that were essentially precursors to modern helicopters.

However, the distinctly separate SS E-IV Unit, bore the sole responsibility of developing Hitler's dream of free-energy propulsion. By 1941, the successful Vril-2 levitation craft was employed for transatlantic reconnaissance flights. The RFZ-2 craft employed the "Schumman-Levitator" drive for vertical lift and when activated, the craft displayed effects commonly described in many UFO accounts; blurring of visible contours, and luminous ionization colors relative to the craft's engine acceleration; varying from orange to green, blue to white. As well, the craft made radical 90 degree turns characteristic of UFO flight.

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