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Encounters with the Strange and Unexplained

"Encounters with the Strange and Unexplained"
A Remarkable New Book

by Matt Hoyle

Posted: 18:40 February 26, 2008

As a highly awarded portrait photographer, Matt Hoyle has met a lot of interesting people throughout his career. But when he traveled across America in search of modern ghost stories, alien abductees and monster sightings to shoot his first photography book, he encountered a lot more than he ever expected.

The result is ENCOUNTERS: a fascinating book of 60 breathtaking images, each with its own spine tingling tale of the strange and unexplained.

ENCOUNTERS with the strange and unexplained - released by Andrews McMeel Universal - captures intriguing characters at the scene of their encounter. These experiences are with swamp creatures, alien spacecraft, ghosts, poltergeists, orbs, Bigfoot, alien beings and more. They were experienced by real people from all over America, from all kinds of backgrounds, and in all sorts of locations.

Says Hoyle:

"I went ghost busting, UFO watching and Bigfoot hunting. I visited haunted cemeteries, castles, plantations, possessed homes and crypts. I took expeditions to the hunting grounds for werewolves, swamp beasts and other creatures. And I saw places that would be more at home in The X-Files like Area 51, Roswell, and other UFO epicenters."

Hoyle continued:

"When photographing each person I tried to recreate the mood of their encounter within the same location that it happened, so that they became as interesting and intriguing as their story. I hope that, as a viewer, you feel close to their experience."

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