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New Jerusalem: Mothership's Holding Pattern?
by Peter Fotis Kapnistos
(Copyright © 2009 Peter Fotis Kapnistos)

Posted: Posted: 16:13 February 26, 2009

The image of a splendid "city" descending intact from the sky over Old Jerusalem to rescue our faulty civilization entices the watchful realism of at least two insights: a transcendental mystical vision from the subconscious mind or a massive unidentified flying object - over several miles long - known by modern habit as a "mothership."

A mothership is a vessel or craft that carries smaller vessels that operate independently. Auxiliary ships in the fleet depend on the mothership for reinforcement. The term mothership dates back to the 19th century when small ships were used to chase whales. The catch was then brought back to the larger ship for processing. The single large storage ship model is still commonly used. A mothership is similar to a flagship that leads a fleet of vessels. It is "the largest, fastest, newest, most heavily armed or, for publicity purposes, the most well known."

Motherships can also operate as factory ships or power plants. Since the 1940s, there have been various UFO reports of large "cigar-shaped" motherships out of which flew smaller sized flying saucers. A mothership has at times been perceived so massive that it could contain an entire fleet in its body. Some pillar-shaped UFO motherships appeared to maneuver as if made of plasma filaments or "fiery cloud" monoliths, like the well-known aerial object in Exodus that led Moses and his group out of Egypt, according to author Barry Downing. Let's follow it for the next few minutes.

The Book They Almost Burned

The Revelation (The Apocalypse / Revelation of St John) unequivocally describes what may be looked upon as a UFO mothership: "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven." (Revelation 21:2) A titanic superstructure that descends from the sky, we might presume, could be an unidentified flying object of some type. John tells us that this massive aerial entity is in fact a beatific metropolitan habitation called "New Jerusalem." For this and other conundrums, the Revelation almost did not make it into the bible. Likewise, the Gospel of John was almost rejected by the early Church because of its so-called Gnostic content:

Protestant founder Martin Luther at first considered Revelation to be "neither apostolic nor prophetic" and stated that "Christ is neither taught nor known in it" and placed it in his Antilegomena [unspeakable or disputed books]. However, he later changed his mind, believing the book to be divinely inspired. John Calvin believed the book to be canonical, yet it was the only New Testament book on which he did not write a commentary.

In the 4th century, St. John Chrysostom and other bishops argued against including this book in the New Testament canon, chiefly because of the difficulties of interpreting it and the danger for abuse. Christians in Syria also reject it because of the Montanists' heavy reliance on it. In the 9th century, it was included with the Apocalypse of Peter among "disputed" books in the Stichometry of St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople. In the end it was included in the accepted canon, although it remains the only book of the New Testament that is not read within the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
(Wikipedia, 2009)

Gnosticism was a religious movement that started in pre-Christian times. The relationship between Gnosticism and Christianity during the first and second centuries is unclear even now because it was only preserved in the writings of early church fathers (prior to the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library) that denounced Gnosticism and describe it in a disapproving manner. The name is derived from the Greek word "gnosis" which literally means "knowledge." There were two main schools of Gnosticism: Pagan Gnosticism and Christian Gnosticism. The pagan expressions derived from the Persian schools of Manicheanism and Mandaeanism. The Christian features allegedly stemmed from St Paul who was commissioned to minister to the Gentiles (or non-Jews).

Pagan Gnosticism is usually associated with Simon Magus (or Simon the Sorcerer), a practitioner of magic who attempted to purchase spiritual powers from the Apostles Peter and John (Acts 8:9-24). Christian Gnosticism is sometimes associated with Valentinus, the founder of Roman and Alexandrian schools who was almost elected pope or bishop of Rome.

The Revelation of St. John is unique to the bible because it is the only canonical text that touches upon the major elements of Gnosticism: 1. A cosmology of seven seals (emanations) creating a new heaven and a new earth. 2. The figure of Sophia (Greek, "wisdom") as a woman in anguish who is given the wings of an eagle. 3. A mock creator (named "demiurgos" in the Platonist tradition) as the Beast 666 who demands to be worshipped by humanity. 4. The Bridal Chamber, a sacramental wedding signifying salvation: "Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife..." (Rev 21:9).

Pagan Gnosticism was opposed to Judeo-Christianity and (as can be expected) regarded the God of the Jews as the reckless demiurgos. It typically misinterpreted the Bridal Chamber marriage ritual as a justification for the sexual abuse of children. A modern-day representative of this discipline is Aleister Crowley, an activist of sex magic who in the early 20th century claimed to be the reincarnation of Simon Magus. His occult books are very popular among teenagers these days.

Aleister Crowley attended Trinity College at Cambridge University, but was compelled to walk out just before completing his degree because it became notoriously known that he was an acute necrophiliac. He admitted to various lurid debaucheries, including sex acts that involved "feeding blood" to a decomposed human skeleton that he kept in his house. It would be sensible to notify confused teenagers of this historical fact concerning the so-called Magus Crowley. Necrophilia is not a healthy approach to sex or gnosis, but a psychologically destructive force.

Two Roads Diverged in a Hollow Earth

NASA recently announced the exciting possibility of life thriving below the icy surface area of Mars. Microbial life dwelling underground is perhaps generating huge methane gas plumes that rise up into the red planet's atmosphere. If so, what unusual life forms might be found below the Earth's surface? Various observers throughout history such as Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus have reported unidentified submersible objects (USOs). Writings attributed to St Bartholomew contain some remarkable details on the subject of USOs. Original Greek manuscripts at Vienna and Jerusalem, which may be as old as the 5th century, exclaim: "And there came up out of the bottomless pit a wheel." Its Latin fragments, which date to the 6th century, similarly state: "And a wheel came up out of the abyss."

These archaic texts actually describe a wheel or disk-type flying craft soaring out of the depths of the sea, many centuries before flying saucer reports were in style. Repulsive creatures waging a war against the Christ controlled the strange craft. The wheel was large enough to include "canales" or pipelines containing abducted humans who appear to have been held against their will: "For into this pipe are sent they that through their gluttony devise all manner of sin."

In ancient times, subterranean realms were associated with the Greek Hades, the Nordic Svartalfheim, the Christian Hell, and the Jewish Sheol. The inner earth was supposed to be the resting place of all persons before an eventual ruling of justice. Modern reports of wheel-like objects flying into and out of the seas - in connection with alien abduction incidents - are now generating renewed interest in unexplained phenomena beneath the Earth. Sleep paralysis cannot be an accurate explanation for all alien abduction cases because some reports do not involve sleep.

In 1692, British astronomer Edmund Halley who discovered the famous "Halley's Comet" suggested the Earth consisted of concentric spheres. The interior of the Earth was possibly inhabited with life and illuminated by a glowing atmosphere. Halley thought the aurora borealis, or northern lights, were produced by gas escaping through the Earth's poles. John Cleves Symmes, Jr., a veteran of the war of 1812, campaigned for the idea of interior concentric spheres in 1818. Symmes soon became the most well known promoter of the hollow Earth theory.

New York physician Cyrus Teed proposed a "concave" hollow-Earth hypothesis in 1869. Instead of assuming that we dwell on the exterior surface of the planet, Teed argued that the Universe revolves within the interior of a concave hollow Earth, which he called Koreshanity (after Cyrus the Great). He founded a pseudo-religious cult called the Koreshan Unity based on his strange cosmological concepts. David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell), the leader of a Branch Davidian religious sect, perhaps believed himself to be the modern-day Cyrus the Great or a prophet of Dr. Teed's hollow-Earth beliefs. 54 adults and 21 children died after a U.S. government siege ended with the burning of the Branch Davidian ranch in 1993.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew to the North Pole in 1926 and over the South Pole in 1929. But the official U.S. government release of Byrd's diary revealed erased records. His erased diary led to widespread allegations of a cover-up. A so-called "secret diary" of Admiral Byrd was later circulated among the supporters of the hollow Earth theory. In that disputed diary, Byrd allegedly told of entering the interior of the earth and traveling over mountains with green vegetation. After crossing subterranean lakes and rivers, he came across animal life resembling prehistoric mammoths. He eventually discovered cities and a prosperous civilization in the hollow interior of the earth.

When Jules Verne wrote "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 1864, he inspired a new genre of impressionist romantics. One of the most peculiar aspects of the hollow-Earth theory is that it produces two roads - a "subconscious polarity" of opposite tendencies and contrary qualities. In other words, the North Pole interior is said to be positive whereas the South Pole interior is considered negative.

The North Pole story often centers on a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. Jansen's sloop supposedly sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole. For years he lived with the inhabitants of the Agharta Kingdom. According to Ellie Crystal (, Agartha is analogous to the Lost Eden or a sunken Atlantis, which still exists as a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth's core. Initiates guided by Masters who are the spiritual leaders of humanity populate the underworld realm. They do not interfere in the lives of humans that live above the surface. Nor is there any interaction between them. However, it is believed that the race of supermen and superwomen do occasionally come to the surface to oversee the development of the human race.

But the South Pole is where Adolf Hitler wanted to create a line of soldiers to rule the world. There is a legend that says Hitler and his chiefs escaped the last days of the Third Reich by going through the opening at the South Pole (Antarctica) where they discovered an entrance to the Earth's interior. This story is full of twists and turns with Nazi-designed UFOs, and Nazi collaboration with scheming aliens (a race of serpent people) who live in the center of the Earth. The Thule Society, which was closely watched by Hitler, reported Tibetan expeditions to find openings into the Earth. As rumor has it, Hitler was influenced by concave hollow-Earth ideas and sent an expedition to spy on the British navy by aiming cameras up into the sky. Based on a 1944 German submarine fleet speech by Admiral Dönitz, there is also speculation that Hitler ordered a research mission to build an "an invisible fortification" in Antarctica.

Putting aside mythology, modern geologists don't speak of a hollow Earth. But they do concern themselves with the Earth's porosity. The Earth's interior is porous like a sponge. Underground caves and "porosity evolution" determine the range of pore sizes. Absolute porosity is the total of all void spaces present in the Earth's interior. The void space is expressed as a percentage. The exploitation of natural resources, such as groundwater and petroleum, is partly dependent on the properties of porosity. It is the ratio of the volume of openings (voids) to the total volume of material. Porosity represents the storage capacity of geologic material. So, in a roundabout way, the Earth is indeed hollow after all, as determined by crack and fracture systems, which are the functions of geological strain.

Another well-kept secret of modern geologists is that according to Einstein's general relativity theory, gravitation is the curvature of space-time. Consequently, if an object could experience the reversal of gravitation by passing through the Earth's center, would it also experience the reversal of space-time? In other words, would it time travel into the past - and to an opposite zone of space? Are there perhaps small singularities at the core of every planet or self-gravitating system? If so, might they be the portals or star gates to hyperspace? In physics, the "twin paradox" is a thought experiment where a person who makes a journey into space in a rocket will return home to find he or she has aged less than an identical twin that stayed on Earth. The same could also be true with acceleration and deceleration when cruising the Earth's interior. A clock traveling into the Earth's interior would lag behind a clock on the surface.

Today, deep underground military bases (DUMBs) are scattered throughout the world. Some are allegedly financed by so-called black budgets. A few years ago when I worked as a newspaper editor I had the occasion to interview a scientist who helped build the Channel Tunnel. I asked him if it's true that there are "cities" deep under the ground. He smiled and replied: "No. There are nations." Bearing in mind that the "Chunnel" is merely a public subway, one can only imagine the immensity of underground bases reserved for the ruling elite:

Here comes the rich man in his big long limousine
Here comes the poor man all you got to have is green
Here comes the banker and the lawyer and the cop
One thing for certain it ain't never gonna stop
When it gets too heavy
Ah, they come and they go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below.
(Bob Seger, "The Fire Down Below," 1976)

The legend of the bottomless "abyssos" as a primeval well on a low-key islet somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean may seem like a childish notion at first. But ever since the Second World War, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea has given shelter to the world's most covert submerged submarine bases. Middle East conflicts surrounding Israel fall back on those top-secret fortifications. At this time, Turkey has become the second most important force in NATO - larger even than Britain. As a result, the Eastern Mediterranean conceals the world's most advanced positions of militaristic activity and deep underground military bases. Indeed, there are entire nations yawning beneath the borderline of an ancient well - sealed with seven seals. And the climax it attests to is known as "Armageddon."

Fervent Heat or Global Warming?

One of the great denials of the Religious Right movement today is the idea that "global warming" is merely a hoax put forward by some liberal scientists. But the same evangelists insist that our world will shortly be destroyed by "fervent heat." Which will it be? It makes little sense to reject global warming and claim that we may be entering a new "ice age" on one hand, while ironically preaching that Earth will soon be burned up on the other. This logical inconsistency is not a paradox. It is plainly unmindful.

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." (II Peter 3:10)

The biblical meaning is unmistakable (Puroomeni = kindled, ignited. Luth?sontai = loosened, destroyed). How hot does our planet have to get for a third of all life on Earth to perish? Just a few degrees are all it takes to kindle vast forest fires like the ones we currently see almost every day in California. When the flames reach highly populated areas, the fires will multiply, fuelled by the countless combustible substances that we surround ourselves with. Of course, things might get hotter, but who's going to be around to witness it?

How hot does our planet have to get for our precious air to become unbreathable? Just a few degrees are all it takes to trigger devastating heat waves, causing a multitude of respiratory deaths like those we now see in Australia. Sure, the air might get hotter, but will anyone be at hand to feel it? Perhaps the religious old school has made the mistake of putting industrialist politics before faith. If you don't support the Corporations of Mammon and their international affiliates, you aren't a very virtuous person - or are you?

Manipulative "devils" have found perfect camouflage by implanting themselves in the religious community and boldly quoting scriptures. But we can always identify the bad trees by their fruits. Take, for example, the "very religious man" who gallantly preached and televised the Gospel of Mammon but was later arrested for abusing a ten-year old girl. He claimed she was his "wife." Are you a good consumer? Did you go shopping today? Did you save - even a few cents? If not, you don't deserve to call yourself a true follower. You are of no use to the sham cathedral of Mammon.

Fervent heat or global warming? It makes no difference what you believe. Simon says things will certainly get much hotter before they chill out. Scientists have additionally confirmed that as we bounce through the densest part of our galactic disc, the gravitational pull of the surrounding gas and dust clouds dislodges comets, causing them to plunge toward the Sun. In 2008, researchers at Cardiff University built a computer model of our solar system's movement and found that it "bounces" up and down through the plane of the Galaxy. When we pass through the densest part of the plane, gravitational forces from the surrounding giant gas and dust clouds dislodge comets from their paths.

The Cardiff team found that we pass through the galactic plane every 35 to 40 million years, increasing the chances of a comet collision. Evidence from craters on Earth also suggests we suffer more collisions approximately every 36 million years. The periods of comet bombardment also coincide with mass extinctions, such as that of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Our present position in the galaxy suggests we are now very close to another such period. ("Solar System 'Bounce' Could Have Caused Extinctions." RedOrbit. May 2, 2008.)

The year "2012" is rumored to represent a great time of historic transformation. The completion of the cycle of the Maya calendar is supposed to signify a major change in world order. The approach towards alignment with the galactic equator has already commenced. Meanwhile, research teams have found evidence that the Sun shines brighter today than in the 8,000 years before. Scientists are trying to determine what connection this might have to the pattern of "fervent heat" or global warming. ("The Sun is More Active Now than Over the Last 8000 Years." Max Planck Society. October 28, 2004.)

The extraordinary Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet crash into the southern hemisphere of Jupiter in 1994 perhaps marked the start of a new solar bounce cycle. The Great Red Spot has been raging in Jupiter's cloud for at least 340 years. A second spot, Red Spot Junior, unexpectedly appeared when it turned red in 2006. A third spot appeared in May of 2008, but was torn up after it squeezed between the Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr. According to NASA, Jupiter's recent eruption of spots is probably related to large-scale "climate change" as the huge gas planet is getting warmer near the equator. The sudden influx of "fervent heat" is evidently not confined solely to the Earth. ("Jupiter's Three Red Spots." NASA. May 23, 2008.)

The best-selling novel 2010: Odyssey Two, by Arthur C. Clarke, depicted a pile-up of monoliths that increased Jupiter's density until the giant planet achieved nuclear fusion, becoming a "second Sun." There is a critical mass, called Jean's mass, that a body must have before it will collapse under its own gravity and begin fusing. The Jeans mass is about 20 to 80 times that of Jupiter. The Sun's passage through the galactic plane is expected to increase cometary collisions tenfold. A good number of incoming comets that drift from solar orbits will be captured by Jupiter's strong gravity. Most star systems consist of two Suns orbiting around a center of mass. Perhaps our solar system will also transform that way at some point. The circadian rhythm of such a fierce nuclear reaction bearing two Suns might be "one long day," or as Revelation reports, "there shall be no night there." It certainly tallies with the announcement that "the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat."

There were many signposts of what was about to happen. Irreversible effects on plants, animals, farming, and weather were already apparent. Most scientists agreed that carbon dioxide emissions were causing global warming. Not only would the Earth's atmosphere warm up, but also it's interior. Yet no one could accurately predict the effects of global warming on our planet's porosity, because it was largely unknown.

When the interior magma on which huge tectonic plates float heated only a few degrees, the plates forming the Earth's surface began to expand and change positions with increased velocity. All at once, a great earthquake cut through Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean, totally destroying the old town of Jerusalem.

Regional conflicts to officiate Old Jerusalem as a capital city became empty and meaningless. A decades-old Middle East war of attrition, the cost of which was born by taxpayers to the treasuries of questionable arms industries, suddenly grinded to a halt.

There would be no war today. Instead, the world turned to the fruits of advanced space technology and the scientific know-how gained from unlocking the secrets of atoms and galaxies. Millions of climate refugees had been forced to evacuate their weather-ravaged homelands and were desperately on the move. Descending from the sky, the New Jerusalem would come to certify the encounter of intelligent life in space.

Mothership Awaiting Permission to Land

Many of us mistakenly suppose that when we die, we go to paradise. But that implication is not in the bible. What the scriptures make known is that, on the contrary, paradise will come to Earth - when the right time is accomplished. The "bride" in St John's Revelation is portrayed as a beautiful maternal habitat (a mothership as a feminine symbol of the womb) or celestial city, the New Jerusalem "adorned for her husband" and surrounded by a devoted population:

And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. (Revelation 21:16)

A "furlong" is about an eighth of a mile. In view of that, St John's Revelation describes a UFO mothership with a boundary length of one thousand five hundred miles. That's almost three times more than the entire state of Israel (modern Israel's total land boundary length is about 632 miles). St John's UFO most likely has several "storeys" or floor-like horizontal divisions because its height is equal to its length.

Bring to mind a mothership that resembles a sprawling super-mall with interconnecting walkways and open-air complexes that in addition include office space, residential space, amusement parks, and streets paved of "pure gold, like unto clear glass."

Today the super-mall trend takes precedence in the construction and design of many modern buildings. But perhaps without disbelief, the architect-navigator of New Jerusalem is immeasurably more knowledgeable about what a rescued humanity really needs to pass its time in high spirits:

Along the Ohio River, at the nexus of the borders of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, a huge object said to be "about the size of a large shopping mall and parking lot" was reportedly sighted in the early morning hours of Friday, Oct. 24, by a military veteran who worked in the helicopter aviation field while in the military. According to a report by Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author Linda Moulton Howe on her Web site, truck driver Tim Comstock was on Route 7 north of the town of Empire, Ohio, at 3:45 a.m. The area is in Jefferson County. Comstock described the color of the larger craft above to Howe as being dark gray or black. He said he thought it had a crystalline type of surface that reminded him of a cracked open piece of coal. "It was big. About the size of a large shopping mall and parking lot." (Steve Hammons, "Massive UFO reported in Ohio," UFODigest.Com, November 5, 2008)

UFO sightings are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence. Two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney on Monday afternoon. Surprisingly, Jersey radar equipment did not pick up the object, although an air traffic controller said he had received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny and Blue Islands pilots. Aurigny's Captain Ray Bowyer, 50, said he saw the strange object during a flight from Southampton. As he continued his approach to Alderney, Capt. Bowyer saw a second identical object further to the west. (Joel de Woolfson, "Pilot's UFO shock" This is Guernsey, April 26, 2007)

Hellcat 6 went aloft. "They were briefed that radar had detected a fast moving object… It was Twelve noon time and under a very clear cool sky." The UFO? "the size of three aircraft carriers… was very bright [and a] saucer shape… some vapor was being emitted around the portholes or vents. The object hovered at 65 thousand feet, too far up for the Hellcats to reach… after twenty minutes it went straight up and disappeared." (Keith Chester, "Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII," 2007)

Author's Note: About the UFO in the sun photo: The source is "Kristopanos," the user name of a Revver video member. It is a classic cigar-shaped plasma-like object several miles long. The stills are actually from an amazing time-lapse video found here:


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