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How To Make Direct Alien Contact
by Doc Edwards

In considering all of this as a "now" very real possibility for you, you must also keep in mind that there are other consequences, though far more subtle, in making alien contact, particularly if you plan to share any of your experiences with others who may perhaps not be of the same conviction and persuasion as you are. The advice here is simple: "Don't!" They will not be well received, nor necessarily appreciated, except as points of derision and humor --- and all at your expense--- as well as looks and little remarks to the aside that might bring into question your sanity as well.

Now, if after considering the above "Warning and Disclaimer" , you should still want to make alien contact or extraterrestrial encounter, then what now follows is almost certain to put you in line for such "other-worldly" experiences.

Of course, many will doubt (as they always have and will continue to do) everything that I say about not only the experiences that I myself claim to have had but also the methods for making such contact as those that I recommend below. They will, most likely anyway, dismiss it all as just so much "hooey", and possibly use such colloquial initials as B.S. in referencing to it possibility or probability. And I don't imagine in using these particular initials that they are referring to a Bachelor of Science degree, either, but something on a lower, more mundane level. And in regards to these doubts, I can only respond that had I myself not actually been the one to experience, see, and encounter these certainly phenomenal things, situations, and encounters --- in all truthfulness, and certainly in all likelihood, I would have been the first to step up and call "FOUL." I would most likely be the biggest doubting-Thomas of all --- at least judging from my past: unfortunately, I always have been!

So be all that as it may, I can only relate the following critical information (critical, at least if alien contact is your true goal) to those willing to accept or give the benefit of doubt. I have to assume that there are "those" special individuals, now reading this article, for whom alien and extraterrestrial contact is not only something plausible and believable, but also possible and probable as well.
My life, as well as my overall enjoyment and joy in life has been increased exponentially by each of these "other-worldly" contacts. I have learned, and been told things, that I could not learn or hear in any other way. For these experiences, I am truly thankful. I can only hope that those few brave souls who "take to heart" as well as " to mind" the following instructions, will have as joyful a journey and profitable encounter as all of mine have always been. And while perhaps, it is not necessary that you put into effect all of the following recommendations, one should strive to at least make some effort, and hopefully some "headway" in each area.

Following are the steps that will prepare you and condition you to successfully bring about your long-sought goal of alien and extraterrestrial contact. It is the "boot camp," if you will, of psycho-spiritual conditioning that you must follow in order to succeed in your inter-galactic quest:

Meditation: When I use the word, meditation, I am not necessarily referring to where one must get in some lotus position or other mudra in order to have an effective meditative session or routine, but rather I am simply saying that one needs to have some form of "quiet period" everyday where they simply close their eyes and somewhat still and relax the mind. Truly, the more of these sessions that you initiate, the better your chances for contacting "other" beings who are always attuned to these inner frequencies and potent states of mind. As it has been related to me by "those others" of whom I often speak, and who are the goal and subject of this article, as well as the objective of all that you will be now trying to accomplish, all beings of a higher order, level, and civilization than ours look to communicate only with those of our species who, at least in some way, have not only opened and prepared themselves mentally for such a meeting, but have done so with a higher moral and spiritual attitude and vision as well. Please believe me when I say, these higher entities are not interested in contacting and interacting with just every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happen to be stumbling along on this planet, but rather only with those people who reach higher with greater and more profound aspirations, those who can potentially serve not only the interests of man alone but also the whole of that greater intergalactic brotherhood that has so secretly watched and nurtured us from the very beginning.

Rest assured, every person who has ever directly encountered these entities, certainly in a one on one situation, has been a person who was attempting, at least, to give to the world and the universe at large some grater portion of themselves, their abilities, their ideas, and their dreams. Most of these folks have something going for themselves on the inner levels, even if it is only an intense state of higher, more noble curiosity.

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