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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSam Willey is a young UFOlogist who wants to show that people of all ages can share a serious interest in UFOs. His research began in 2003 when he and two friends witnessed a Triangular shaped UFO. After two years of research Sam created a website known as Sam's UFO Files. He expanded the site back in late 2005 and it became Sam is also an active contributor to UFO Magazine, and UFODIGEST were he writes columns and voices his opinions on UFO's. You can also find Sam over at the forum were he is a regular contributor and staff member. Contact Sam willey by email.

Radar Observations of Unknown Craft over Bentwaters - August 1956
by Sam Willey

Just after the search was launched one of the controllers noticed a stationary blip on scopes at an indicated position 20-25 miles south west of Lakenheath. The night watch supervisor called the GCA unit at Lakenheath to see if they were also picking up the stationary object and they confirmed the target. As Lakenheath RATCC personnel watched the target it began to move in a north north-east direction at approximately 400-600-mph. Personnel explained there was no build up in speed it was just constant from start to finish. The night watch supervisor at Lakenheath contacted the local AFB command personnel and kept them informed of the events from this point on.

After 30-45 minutes the RAF scrambled a De Haviland Venom Night Fighter aircraft to investigate the unknown. F.H.C Wimbledon who was Chief Controller on duty at the main RAF Radar Station in East Anglia on the night stated the following about the scrambling of the aircraft -

"I was Chief Controller on duty at the main RAF Radar Station in East Anglia on the night in question. My duties were to monitor the radar picture and to scramble the Battle Flight, who were on duty 24 hours a day, to intercept any intruder of British airspace not positively identified in my sector of responsibility."

"I remember Lakenheath USAF base telephoning to say there was some thing "buzzing" their airfield circuit. I scrambled a Venom night fighter from the Battle Flight through Sector and my controller in the Interception Cabin took over control of it. The Interception Control team would consist of one Fighter Controller (an Officer), a Corporal, a tracker and a height reader. That is, four highly trained personnel in addition to myself could now clearly see the object on our radarscopes."

The Venom fighter was vectored by RATCC radar to the site of the object which according to the night watch supervisor was stationary at the time at an altitude of 15,000-20,000 feet and was about 16 miles south west of Lakenheath, soon after Lakenheath informed the pilot that the target was dead ahead of him. The pilot acknowledged the transmission and said he had his radar fire-control system locked on target. After a brief pause the pilot radioed back and said he had lost the target and asked Lakenheath if they still had the object on radar. Lakenheath RATCC informed the pilot that the target had made a swift circle movement and was now behind the aircraft, the pilot confirmed and said he would try and shake it. The pilot then tried a number of evasive manoeuvres but was unable to loose the object, during this time the object was still being picked up on radar and a 500 feet distance was registered between the object and the aircraft.

According to the Project Blue Book report the pilot said he was not able to shake the object and requested assistance. After around 10 minutes the first venom pilot said he was returning to base as he was very low on fuel, according to the Lakenheath night watch supervisor the object followed the aircraft a short distance as the pilot headed south south-west towards London and then resumed a no movement state. F.H.C Wimbledon stated the following -

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