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A “Lost” Trent Farm Photo Surfaces?
by Regan Lee

Posted: 00:30 March 11, 2007

A “Lost” Trent Farm Photo Surfaces?
Photo of Trent Farm UFO
According to the bloggers of the UFO Iconoclast blog, they have in their possession a third, "lost" Trent photo. In 1950, Paul Trent took two photos of a UFO over his property in McMinnville, Oregon. Many UFO investigators have determined the photos to be genuine; or at least, no evidence of fakery has been found. There are skeptics who to this day insist the photos are fake of course. Either way, all these years, the case’s authenticity fell on the two photographs, along with the genuine nature of the Trents themselves.

Now, more than 50 years -- 50 years -- after the Oregon sighting, a third, “lost,” photograph has surfaced.

The writers on the UFO Iconoclast blog (which, it needs to be noted, is a somewhat notorious anti-UFO/chronic skeptic blog) say they have a third photograph, which was “obtained by SMC in Phoenix, Arizona.” Who, or what “SMC,” is, is not revealed.

The photograph is close to the ground, which causes the writers of the blog to ask if this means that “the object (or model?) nearer to the ground, and at an angle precluding a bona fide aerodynamic craft?”

They promise us “more to come” on this subject. The blog entry has numerous comments, including comments to the comments by the blog writers, who attempt clear up some of the obvious questions.

There is no proof this is a third, “lost,” photo. Why would someone wait fifty years to come forward? Other questions: who is this “SMC,” where did the photo come from, where is the negative, has it been analyzed, (if so, by who and what are the results?) and so on.

We are assured that the photo “predates any digital manipulation programs.” and that “It is not computer generated.” At this time, all we have is their word on this, with more promises of further information.

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