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When the first UFO was spotted and what made the UFO what it is today?
by Robert Olivieri

Posted: 19:50 March 20, 2007

Is this UFO possibly the first unidentifed flying objects seen?
The word UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects, they became famous when a man reported them in 1947. That was not the first sighting; there have been UFO sightings since 47,000 BC by the cavemen of Hunan, and 20,000 by South France. The only evidence of these sightings that are left is the cave drawings.

The people of the BC world had no idea about what the object at which they were looking was. The only way to make all of them understand was by making several theories which they did; they named it the Ancient Astronaut Theories. So many historic people have seen UFOs; the most famous one was Leonardo Da Vinci, who features them in some of his paintings.

The Ancient Astronaut Theory was their way of coming to terms with the objects that they could not identify. The theories not only stated that ET's visited the earth before the humans; it tells us that ET's and their Technology is god. It is also about evolution about how the human race might have evolved twice on the planet earth. The last bit tells us that the Ancient Astronauts where the humans who where separated from earth. They thought that the objects in the sky where those of the humans that re-created or created the planet earth.

The thing that made UFO's so big today happened back in the year 1947. The UFO's got really big after Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects flying on June 14th, 1947 while flying his plane. He reported to see nine objects flying in formation across the face of Mount Rainier. They were heading toward Mount Adams at the speed of 1200mph calculated by the time between Rainier and Adams the mountains.

This is what he later reported to the public about the ships. He described the characteristics of the ships, flight, Crescent moon-like shape, and the surface, in full details. It “flew like a saucer skipping across the water” and the ship was as “flat as a pie pan”. He stated that they had a complex shape that is best described as a Crescent Moon (

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