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Bill Foster Sol Aris is better known around the Internet as simply "Sol". This is the pen-name of researcher Shaul Volkov, from the town of old Jaffa. Sol was lucky to have had a very diverse background, which had prepared him early on for a life of research into the esoteric topics. He was born in Russia and grew up in the United States, worked as a lawyer for many years, and as a computer programmer for a few more. He has also been a rock guitarist and singer since the early eighties, and participated in numerous fringe theater and stand-up comedy productions, designing the costumes for some. Sol has served in the military twice (in two countries), and is proud to report having been kicked out both times. He was a political activist in his youth, but left that road long ago. He has led several communes through the years, and has also been a reasonable dream interpreter (see Sol Aris can be contacted by email at

The Leo Wanta Caper
Is there a warrant for the arrest of Tony Blair?

by Sol Aris

(Copyright 2008, Sol Aris - All Rights Reserved)

02:43 March 17, 2008

(NOTE: The below article was written in February 2007 for the website Conspiracy Times (, from which it was subsequently removed after several months for unknown reasons. The following is mostly a reprint of the previous article, with short updates where developments took place since the last publication.)

Are world leaders being incarcerated without anyone knowing, or are we being primed for another clever disinformation ploy?

A very interesting article was making the rounds of the conspiracy forums in February of 2007. It was dated February 10, and its title was certainly bombastic enough: "INTERNATIONAL WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF TONY BLAIR - GRAVE INTERNATIONAL CRISIS NOW SLIDING OUT OF CONTROL."

Did Leo Wanta bring down the U.S. banking industy?

I hadn't actually recalled seeing any mention of this in the various international and local newspapers at that time, which I still make sure to peruse a couple of times a week. But maybe the story was so explosive that it was simply covered up by the mainstream press, as we do know has happened a couple of times in the past? It surely looked intriguing enough to invite a closer look. But the article opens with a very curious statement: "The state office of Mme Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has authorized the reissuance of warrants issued last December by the 'ad hoc Tribunal' of three European Justices in Germany in accordance with the subpoena of the International Court of Justice "

This precluded the need to read any further, as anybody with the most basic knowledge of International Law and Relations can immediately discern that something like this can never happen. Firstly, because the International Court of Justice only handles disputes between nations, and does not have any authority to arrest the political leaders of these nations.

Furthermore, the ICJ is a United Nations organization, and even if they had arrest powers (which they do not), the German Chancellor would not be empowered to authorize their arrest warrants for anybody - certainly not for a foreign Prime Minister. If that weren't enough, an "ad-hoc Tribunal" is a temporary judicial body, usually convened hastily and on the spot (when there is no time to erect a special court through due legislation) - often when victors of a war want to try the leaders of the losing side. This is certainly not the situation in Europe today.

The author of this article [] is listed as "Christopher Story", who states on that website that he's an expert on world finance and economics with decades of experience, an occasional advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and the editor of the "International Currency Review" since 1969.

That certainly sounds prestigious enough and above-board, a fact difficult to reconcile with the patently ridiculous claims made in that article, which any second-year Law student could immediately recognize as false.

If true, the facts Story presents would have certainly resounded all over the Internet, if not in the mainstream news. A quick search for the above headline however, revealed that this issue is so far being discussed only on a few conspiracy forums, and is getting no mention anywhere else, certainly not in any mainstream publication.

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